Friday, May 24, 2013

Enraged Sun!

Burying all signs of
Culture of hypocrite’s flourishes in
Impotent pomp
Yet rotten blood rushes through their veins
In hollow achievements!

The earth has transmuted to a hell!

Sun rises, ashamed,
To hide his face behind scarce cloud- specks
Or sky churning
Smoke emitting chimneys
Can not withhold rays
What to do?

Throng of languid shadows
Keeps on surging forth
Breathing in stink of
Pent-up ambitions
Neither they can weep nor the Sun
Over their fall
What a destiny!

Sun must has to course
His way through
Caressing entire world
With his infinite fingers of rays
No matter how much filth
Stains his soul
Making him furious…frustrated…
Heart exploding in anguish…
Still he must course…
Just can not hide his face or cease to be
Infinity is a curse!

In fact he seeks a heart
Little alike of human
That can make his heart stronger
To neglect his own heart
Or like the philosophers he wants to be
Those can justify all heinous acts
Or of those poets
Those can trade emotions so easily!

But it is not destined to happen.
He must rise perpetually
Must struggle with his own-self
Must course through the space
No matter how enraged he is
Or sorry he is
Below his divinity
Exchange of cursed insanity
Is at crescendo
He must hide his face
Behind the horizons…!

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