Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Celestial melodies...!

Every leaf
Is flushed with green sap and spirit
And the throats of the birds
Ring out with celestial melodies
This pathway so shy and bashful
Saves the girdle of chastity
Winding carefully her half-blossomed
From meeting the delicate grassy hug
As should a girl in garment wet

The delicate silver dream
Dreamt by the blue sky
And the swaying and swinging green
Flouring of the crop
Is throbbing
In my formidable embrace-
One vast embrace !

Your laughter is scattered
upon the whole earth my dear
It's become the cream of sandal !
And your hair do
Is gone helter skelter
Along the blowing wind
I have become a cloud
In these mysterious woods
I know not in whose tender arms
I am slowly being captured

Leafless tree
Is doused and bathed
As a barren erotic relation
Looking down at this rain shower
In the puddle underfoot
For a distance....
Rather cheerless
Of life incessant.

The rain never stops
It keeps pouring
In a sonorous rhythm
And the fortuitous monsoon sonata
Resonates constantly
Through my heart
Through our sweet whispers

My misty, dreamy love,
Sometimes it's you
Who comes in the form of the monsoon
And I wrap you around my body
On some still damp morn
With my heart saturated.... reborn !

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't get soaked today...

Why does it always rain on me? The 100sq-m 'Rain Room' allows curious visitors to stand under a downpour in semi-darkness


How fabulous
This life is…
Subtle like gorgeous cloud
And akin to a mystical evening
Which has been blown by
the south west wind
So enigmatic… 

Like the ever evasive grasp
Of a flighty

Whimsical damsel
She is sometimes little known
Sometimes better known
Yet unknown !!!

Your eyes are brimming with tears !
O my girl, look at the sky overhead
Weeping with its infinite eyes
And look at the dispassionate ocean too
Try sometime if you please
To feel the storm
In my deep
You shall then realize 
How painful it is
To deceive one’s tear
falling in one’s own eyes
And yet struggle
To stand upright
Through the very tumbling plight
No ! it serves no one right
To fall by little woes
Or let disappointments
Deceit and unfair measure
To break you, my dear !


Now there’s no time
For brooding on remorse
The sun is setting
And the road is winding away
O mind, do not tarry now
Frenzied by the calls from the past
For the knack of deception
Even whilst the end has come
Continues to be Time’s!

Don't get soaked today
Don't get drenched in rain
The clouds are thick
And monstrous...

Just be in my intense 
Rather than daring 
the calamities my Love!

(Translated by MNr. Raj Supe from my original work "Parjanyasukta)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dusk Kissed this evening!


Come ….
Today we shall roll
Over and over
On this green and velvety turf
Blue clemency is streaming
From the sky above … for us !
There ! 

Those beady drops
The crests of green blades
But wait … touch ‘em not ….
let ‘em also look at the world
Sweetheart ….
Hold your breath
Its time the dusk
Kissed this evening!


When I see the humble evening
at the dusk
standing there damp and wet
the shadows of my pensive mind
are cast away
and an ancient songs
Unknowingly trickles from the lips
Nothing makes sense ….
Who am I ? where do I belong ? …
For do whom I exist ? 


Let the sky dash down now
Then sing the song of innocent sky
With your delicate lips
O naïve dear !
These moments are meant
For witnessing this celebration
In speechlessness
They are not the birds
To be captured in words!

Someone, God knows why and how
Who is whispering through these atoms …
So full of sentience?

Enthralled, I try to understand
This eternal existence …
Like my being !
But sky still overcast
And dewy eyes are raining in torrents
Slowly and slowly, the rain will stop
The clouds of feelings will clear out
Then the dispassionate blue sky
Shall reveal itself to me
Forever !


Sometimes I am all stirred up
And I fall into the tumultuous medley
Agonized by the cruel worldly chum
I keep collapsing
But the churning goes on
In its indefatigable velocity
And my collapsing
Is also a part of it ! 


The birds are chirping …
That’s the innocent sparkling
Of your laughter
I look around bemused
And see all the stooping shadows
Of the past
In the sunshine of the rainbow
I grow misty once again
Lost in myself!

(From my anthology "Monsoon Sonata" translated by Mr. Raj Supe from my original Marathi "Parjanyasukta"

Pasaydan...Universal anthem by Saint Dnyaneshvar!

And now the Lord
Breathing through His entire creation…
Be pleased
Of my
Sacred hymns
And shall bless me with thus:

Let the evilous thoughts
Be wiped out
Off every heart
To befriend with
The hearts genuine
Be all engaged
In good deeds…forever!

Shroud of dark befallen on
The deprived souls
May get to an permanent end
By the brilliance of
The Sun of the self-righteousness
And all the beings breathing should attain
They desire!

Be it a great gathering
The whole universe
Of devotees
Of the Lord
A scene so sacred
True hearts meeting
The pure hearts!

Be all among the
Dense divine trees
Those Fulfill every desire
And in the country of the
Enlightened souls
Each speaking oceans full
Of the nectar!

As if spotless moon
And the Sun pouring no heat
Such are all the souls as if
Eternal relations!

And so all be so contented
And fulfilled from all quarters
Eternally devoted to the
Lord Creator!

And so all be happy
Reading this sacred text
Be able to conquer evil with good
With assured permanence!

So this be my blessing
O Lord
With which this humble Dnyandeva
Is delighted!

-Saint Dnyaneshvar

(Translated by me original "Pasaydan from Dnyaneshvari.) 

When I see the humble evening...

(Painting by Daniel Well)


Just once ….

I experience of that tender caress

That soft touch !

And for my sake

It seemed as though

the clouds split

the meaning of life

Then I received my summons

From this rich quarters

And the heart started ringing incessantly

With the Monsoon Sonata!


This cloud burst

Is sage-hearted

For those

Who live in god’s righteous light

My heart is streaming out

From this cloud !

I am viewing the subtle rain drop

Upon my tender lips

And in my eyes

And in every other eye

There’s a new monsoon

The whole world seems to have

Become cloud-laden

And rainy today !


Oh my dearest rain princess

Secure yourself in my embrace

Be perfumed by my intense love

Let your little jingling bells clink

upon the silken leaves,

in rains wink...

Let your warmth and affection stream

From the dark corners of your eyes

In this cold and breezy dream

Keep humming in all my parts

Give lips to every breath of mine...!


When I see the humble evening

at the dusk

standing their damp and wet

the shadows of my pensive mind

are cast away

and an ancient songs

Unknowingly trickles from the lips

Nothing makes sense ….

Who am I ? where do I belong ? …

For do whom I exist ?



Let the sky dash down now

Then sing the song of innocent sky

With your delicate lips

O naïve dear !

These moments are meant

For witnessing this celebration

In speechlessness

They are not the birds

To be captured in words!

(From my anthology "Monsoon Sonata" translated by Mr. Raj Supe from \original marathi "Parjanyasukta)

Friday, June 7, 2013

The dainty lilies.......


The dainty lilies
are laughing innocently
like a new-born child
the soft and pliant wind
is planting kisses
and swelling and racing
To the horizons
The clouds too are swell
And on their lips too
A delicate, lovely smile has sparkled!


I stand here wrapped in clouds
On the far shore of the horizon !
The thrilling verdure of the earth
Has become my bosom
And it hails out to me : 

"You are mine
Albeit, in you alone I abide!"
Today, why do I see
My own stir
In every atom of nature ? 


Who are these heavenly courtesans
Visible to me ?
The notes of which unknown song
Are ringing in my ears ?
Why rhythm is impelling me
To string this metrical composition ?

The clouds are brimful 
The rain is pouring
Which great bard
Hums in my ears
This wordless song ? 


Today the earth is giving birth
To weird notes
Everything is as though enchanted
And blossomed
In a single soul...

The fellowship trickling
From plants and shrubs
Has left me spellbound
In country suburbs

The minds thirsty
Full of tremulous anxiety !
But of what consoling sorrow
Does the heart show !

Brother, the sky weighs upon me
And I am myself perplexed
At the rain in me !


(From my Anthology "Monsoon Sonata", translated by Mr. Raj Supe from original Marathi "Parjanyasukta")

Thursday, June 6, 2013

That maiden of tender parts...!



That maiden of tender parts 
Is leaning, oh so well arched ! 
Her lips upon the bowed canopy 
of clouds wisely earmarked 
And this delicate verse 
Caught in the cloud’s arms 
And the rain pouring on me 
Whispering an easy song : 
“Glory to love ! Glory to hearts strong !” 


The rain bursting 
from the clouds 
And I say 
“Come brother … Get wet ! ” 
Such benign rain 
Might not issue again 
And if you stay aloof 
Your old age thirst 
will sulk under the roof !


In this little pond 
The sky is stealing 
A look at itself 
The way lord peeps 
At his spirit 
In my little eyes human!


Come …. 
Today we shall role 
Over and over 
On this green and velvety turf 
Blue clemency is streaming 
From the sky above … for us ! 
There ! Those beady drops 
The crests of green blades 
But wait … touch ‘em not …. 
let ‘em also look at the world 
Sweetheart …. 
Hold your breath 
Its time the dusk 
Kissed this evening!


The dainty lilies 
Are laughing innocently 
Like a new-born child 
The soft and pliant wind 
Is planting kisses 
And swelling and racing 
To the horizons 
The clouds too are swell 
And on their lips too 
A delicate, lovely smile has sparkled! 

(From my Anthology "Monsoon Sonata")

Translation of my original Marathi "Parjanya sukta" by Mr. Raj Supe

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A cloud burst !

A cloud burst 
solemn and serious 
will issue 
from the cluster of clouds 
in soul forms 
We shall drench ourselves in self delight 

that day will come… 
But in the meanwhile 
let’s sing the monsoon Sonata!


Water-harmonica is resonating 
On the shores of the sky 
And the anklets jingling 
At the feet of the horizons high 
To its rhythm are approaching 
Group of graceful clouds well nigh 
And my eyes in tremulous anxiety 
Feast upon this bounty 

This is the very first day of rains ! 


The Monsoon Sonata is intoxicated 
it’s the song of the liberated heart 
of frothing rivers and unbounded sea 
it is the cherished intent 
Come brothers … come all 
And fill the cup of your heart 
with notes of this rain hymn 
Trickling drop after drop !

In the heart of the earth 
Countless green sprouts hold sway 
As though through those prodigious lips 
The earth’s singing today 
The dusky sky 
Thrilled to the core 
Spins gay birds 
And it wafts high and low 
an aerial encore 

Thus it is that the whole sum 
Is today tuned to a hum 

(From my anthology "Monsoon Sonata")