Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A cloud burst !

A cloud burst 
solemn and serious 
will issue 
from the cluster of clouds 
in soul forms 
We shall drench ourselves in self delight 

that day will come… 
But in the meanwhile 
let’s sing the monsoon Sonata!


Water-harmonica is resonating 
On the shores of the sky 
And the anklets jingling 
At the feet of the horizons high 
To its rhythm are approaching 
Group of graceful clouds well nigh 
And my eyes in tremulous anxiety 
Feast upon this bounty 

This is the very first day of rains ! 


The Monsoon Sonata is intoxicated 
it’s the song of the liberated heart 
of frothing rivers and unbounded sea 
it is the cherished intent 
Come brothers … come all 
And fill the cup of your heart 
with notes of this rain hymn 
Trickling drop after drop !

In the heart of the earth 
Countless green sprouts hold sway 
As though through those prodigious lips 
The earth’s singing today 
The dusky sky 
Thrilled to the core 
Spins gay birds 
And it wafts high and low 
an aerial encore 

Thus it is that the whole sum 
Is today tuned to a hum 

(From my anthology "Monsoon Sonata")

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