Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Celestial melodies...!

Every leaf
Is flushed with green sap and spirit
And the throats of the birds
Ring out with celestial melodies
This pathway so shy and bashful
Saves the girdle of chastity
Winding carefully her half-blossomed
From meeting the delicate grassy hug
As should a girl in garment wet

The delicate silver dream
Dreamt by the blue sky
And the swaying and swinging green
Flouring of the crop
Is throbbing
In my formidable embrace-
One vast embrace !

Your laughter is scattered
upon the whole earth my dear
It's become the cream of sandal !
And your hair do
Is gone helter skelter
Along the blowing wind
I have become a cloud
In these mysterious woods
I know not in whose tender arms
I am slowly being captured

Leafless tree
Is doused and bathed
As a barren erotic relation
Looking down at this rain shower
In the puddle underfoot
For a distance....
Rather cheerless
Of life incessant.

The rain never stops
It keeps pouring
In a sonorous rhythm
And the fortuitous monsoon sonata
Resonates constantly
Through my heart
Through our sweet whispers

My misty, dreamy love,
Sometimes it's you
Who comes in the form of the monsoon
And I wrap you around my body
On some still damp morn
With my heart saturated.... reborn !

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