Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't get soaked today...

Why does it always rain on me? The 100sq-m 'Rain Room' allows curious visitors to stand under a downpour in semi-darkness


How fabulous
This life is…
Subtle like gorgeous cloud
And akin to a mystical evening
Which has been blown by
the south west wind
So enigmatic… 

Like the ever evasive grasp
Of a flighty

Whimsical damsel
She is sometimes little known
Sometimes better known
Yet unknown !!!

Your eyes are brimming with tears !
O my girl, look at the sky overhead
Weeping with its infinite eyes
And look at the dispassionate ocean too
Try sometime if you please
To feel the storm
In my deep
You shall then realize 
How painful it is
To deceive one’s tear
falling in one’s own eyes
And yet struggle
To stand upright
Through the very tumbling plight
No ! it serves no one right
To fall by little woes
Or let disappointments
Deceit and unfair measure
To break you, my dear !


Now there’s no time
For brooding on remorse
The sun is setting
And the road is winding away
O mind, do not tarry now
Frenzied by the calls from the past
For the knack of deception
Even whilst the end has come
Continues to be Time’s!

Don't get soaked today
Don't get drenched in rain
The clouds are thick
And monstrous...

Just be in my intense 
Rather than daring 
the calamities my Love!

(Translated by MNr. Raj Supe from my original work "Parjanyasukta)

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