Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dusk Kissed this evening!


Come ….
Today we shall roll
Over and over
On this green and velvety turf
Blue clemency is streaming
From the sky above … for us !
There ! 

Those beady drops
The crests of green blades
But wait … touch ‘em not ….
let ‘em also look at the world
Sweetheart ….
Hold your breath
Its time the dusk
Kissed this evening!


When I see the humble evening
at the dusk
standing there damp and wet
the shadows of my pensive mind
are cast away
and an ancient songs
Unknowingly trickles from the lips
Nothing makes sense ….
Who am I ? where do I belong ? …
For do whom I exist ? 


Let the sky dash down now
Then sing the song of innocent sky
With your delicate lips
O naïve dear !
These moments are meant
For witnessing this celebration
In speechlessness
They are not the birds
To be captured in words!

Someone, God knows why and how
Who is whispering through these atoms …
So full of sentience?

Enthralled, I try to understand
This eternal existence …
Like my being !
But sky still overcast
And dewy eyes are raining in torrents
Slowly and slowly, the rain will stop
The clouds of feelings will clear out
Then the dispassionate blue sky
Shall reveal itself to me
Forever !


Sometimes I am all stirred up
And I fall into the tumultuous medley
Agonized by the cruel worldly chum
I keep collapsing
But the churning goes on
In its indefatigable velocity
And my collapsing
Is also a part of it ! 


The birds are chirping …
That’s the innocent sparkling
Of your laughter
I look around bemused
And see all the stooping shadows
Of the past
In the sunshine of the rainbow
I grow misty once again
Lost in myself!

(From my anthology "Monsoon Sonata" translated by Mr. Raj Supe from my original Marathi "Parjanyasukta"

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