Thursday, June 6, 2013

That maiden of tender parts...!



That maiden of tender parts 
Is leaning, oh so well arched ! 
Her lips upon the bowed canopy 
of clouds wisely earmarked 
And this delicate verse 
Caught in the cloud’s arms 
And the rain pouring on me 
Whispering an easy song : 
“Glory to love ! Glory to hearts strong !” 


The rain bursting 
from the clouds 
And I say 
“Come brother … Get wet ! ” 
Such benign rain 
Might not issue again 
And if you stay aloof 
Your old age thirst 
will sulk under the roof !


In this little pond 
The sky is stealing 
A look at itself 
The way lord peeps 
At his spirit 
In my little eyes human!


Come …. 
Today we shall role 
Over and over 
On this green and velvety turf 
Blue clemency is streaming 
From the sky above … for us ! 
There ! Those beady drops 
The crests of green blades 
But wait … touch ‘em not …. 
let ‘em also look at the world 
Sweetheart …. 
Hold your breath 
Its time the dusk 
Kissed this evening!


The dainty lilies 
Are laughing innocently 
Like a new-born child 
The soft and pliant wind 
Is planting kisses 
And swelling and racing 
To the horizons 
The clouds too are swell 
And on their lips too 
A delicate, lovely smile has sparkled! 

(From my Anthology "Monsoon Sonata")

Translation of my original Marathi "Parjanya sukta" by Mr. Raj Supe

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