Friday, June 7, 2013

The dainty lilies.......


The dainty lilies
are laughing innocently
like a new-born child
the soft and pliant wind
is planting kisses
and swelling and racing
To the horizons
The clouds too are swell
And on their lips too
A delicate, lovely smile has sparkled!


I stand here wrapped in clouds
On the far shore of the horizon !
The thrilling verdure of the earth
Has become my bosom
And it hails out to me : 

"You are mine
Albeit, in you alone I abide!"
Today, why do I see
My own stir
In every atom of nature ? 


Who are these heavenly courtesans
Visible to me ?
The notes of which unknown song
Are ringing in my ears ?
Why rhythm is impelling me
To string this metrical composition ?

The clouds are brimful 
The rain is pouring
Which great bard
Hums in my ears
This wordless song ? 


Today the earth is giving birth
To weird notes
Everything is as though enchanted
And blossomed
In a single soul...

The fellowship trickling
From plants and shrubs
Has left me spellbound
In country suburbs

The minds thirsty
Full of tremulous anxiety !
But of what consoling sorrow
Does the heart show !

Brother, the sky weighs upon me
And I am myself perplexed
At the rain in me !


(From my Anthology "Monsoon Sonata", translated by Mr. Raj Supe from original Marathi "Parjanyasukta")

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