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Who corrupted Hindu religion? Why?

When some group of the people does not have any history to boast of, they tend to corrupt the history to get credits of the great events of the past as soon they get the opportunity in course of the time. We find such instances in Nationalist history of every country. Religions too are not exception to this happening. False superiority complex normally is behind such occurrences. However while corrupting or recreating the history; unknowingly many loopholes are left behind so that one can analytically trace back what could have been the original and what is corruption.

This also happens with the kind of the people those don’t want to keep history as it is because it endangers their supremacy. Islam attempted heavily to wipe out pre-Islam history and existence of Pagan Arabia because it could become a great hurdle in spreading Islam. Christianity did it in different way. They created almost a false history of their religion, which now is being questioned by some scholars. Indo-Europen group of the languages theory too is a product of such false notions.

Hindu religion could not be an exception. Till invention of Indus culture it was a common understanding that Veda’s were original source of Hindu religion and that all the philosophy that is found in ancient Sanskrit was Vedic. They used to tell cult of Shiva and Vishnu began in later Puranik times which extends from second century AD till tenth century AD.

There was no question of challenging this theory as people trusted Brahmin’s being so-called head of the Hindu society and the religious texts written or polluted by them in the first part of the first millennium, as they got such opportunity in Gupta period. No one thought that there could be a malicious scheme behind these corruptions.

Let’s have a look at how and why the interpolations were made:

1. Epic poetry and Purana’s were translated to Sanskrit from original Prakrit. Sanskrit never was mother of all languages, but a branch of language that evolved from Prakrit to Sanskrit for religious purpose. There are no proof that even Vedic Sanskrit existed before first century AD. Even so the Sanskrit was labeled and revered as the "Language of Gods". This was first serious cultural corruption.

To stress the supremacy of Veda’s and Brahmana’s many mythical stories were created, no matter how irrelevant they were to the original body of their own scriptures.

This was done with an obvious reason that Vedic’s wanted to establish that Veda’s had final authority over any social issue, as Veda's are none but the creation of the God! This created an aura of divine auspiciousness around Veda’s. Also this helped elevating Vedic Brahmins as a head of the Hindu society. Brahmin’s got spared of any cruel punishments, no matter what degree of heinous crime they commit. Also they were spared of paying taxes and were eligible to receive heavy donations in form of the gold and lands from the Kings.

2. Now everyone knows that there is no social code of conduct or laws mentioned in any Veda’s, still authority of Veda’s was propagated through entire religious literature.

This was purposely done because whatever laws were made by the Brahmins couldn’t be turned down by the rulers for fear of wrath of the Brahmins that could destroy their fortune! The influence of the campaign of centuries had so deeply rooted in the minds of the rulers and public in general that challenging Vedic authority became a crime and sacrilege.

3. Most of the deities being worshiped by the non-Vedic’s since time immemorial, those never find a single mention in the Vedic literature, were propagated as if having Vedic roots, which was never a fact. Vedic pantheon of the Gods include Indra, Mitra, Varuna etc., about 645 deities, but none is worshiped by non-Vedic masses. non-Vedic deities like Shiva and Shakti (with their various forms) find no mention in any Veda;s. The religious rituals of the Vedic people are far different than non-Vedic people.

But they tried to connect Vedic God like Rudra with Shiva, Aditi with Shakti...though their is not present the slightest iota of resemblance in Vedic and non-Vedic gods.

4. It is crystal clear that Vedic is an independent religion and have no connection with idol worshipers Non-Vedic Hindu religion. Vedic philosophy, rituals, Gods and social order is distinctly different than of the non-Vedic Hindu religion. Still ironically Vedic people consider themselves as a part of Hindu religion which is not correct!

Then why should they do so?

They did it because the Vedic ritual, fire sacrifice, was almost seized to being performed by the kings and nobles by fifth century BC. Rise of Buddhism was a fatal setback to the Vedic people. As Fire sacrifices stopped their source of income too diminished. Hence they had to find new job opportunities.
They needed to find other source of income which they could see in the being priests of non-Vedic Gods. Hence gradually they started becoming priests on Non-Vedic God’s those were being worshiped by Non-Vedic people from Indus period. A very hard to digest situation to start praising other God’s those never belonged to them! But as we are aware of the human life facts, that is financials, those forced Vedic's to change their faith.

This is why they started a mission…to justify the change in the faiths, they started connecting almost every non-Vedic God to Veda’s creating false mythical stories around them through Purana literature. Where it became impossible to connect highly worshiped God by the masses like Shiva with Veda’s, the explanation was created that Vedic Rudra and non-Vedic Shiva were one and the same…as there is some similarity in their attributes. In modern times scholars started stating that Vedic Rudra and non-Vedic Shiva, though different God’s, were unified after complete defeat of the non-Aryans, in an order to assimilate them in Vedic culture! Both the stories were naturally false because Vedic Rudra is an independent God as evidenced from Rig Veda itself. Defeat of non-Aryans is another blunder as there is no proof of it!

4. Ramayana was interpolated especially by adding two parts (Balkanda and Uttarakanda) to original body of Ramayana to make Rama biological son of a Vedic seer Rishyashringa. The legacy continued till recently as James Lain in his book published a street joke that Shivaji was biological son of Dadoji Kondadev, a Brahmin administrator of Adil Shaha (a Muslim ruler of south India).

Why this? As stated in the beginning, those who cannot create the history tend to corrupt the history! They did this with numerous historical great personalities. Either they made Brahmin their biological father (such as great epic Poet Vyasa) or Guru (master) such as Arya Chanakya to Emperor Chandragupta Maurya.
5. Rama and Krishna were non-Vedic personalities in the history. They too were hijacked and were declared as incarnations of Vedic God Vishnu. This apart, they did not stopped at declaring Lord Buddha, a staunch enemy of Vedicism, as incarnation of Lord Vishnu!

Such corruptions are ample. Such corruptions corrupted Indian mind set, making them forget their own religion and origins. Without authorizing non-Vedics to read, recite or even hear Veda's they could manage to establish its supremacy over the masses.

Now a days a big scheme is brewing up. They are calling Indus civilization being "Saraswati Civilization." They have started a mission to grab the credit of Indus civilization, though not a single Vedic element has been ever found at any ruins of Indus settlements. This attempt now is being challenged by the global scholars.

However now the buried facts have started surfacing and non-Vedic people are awakening. Difference between Vedic and Shaivait (Idol Worshiping) religion is so obvious that none can miss it with slightest knowledge of Veda’s and the religion that is being practiced by the masses. We now know that Hindu religion is as ancient as Indus culture where Shiva Lingams have been found abundantly, as same as can be seen in every Shiva Temple and household in India, whereas Vedic religion is later development.
Hindu religion has been corrupted by Vedic religion and time has come to cleanse Hindu religion by separating Vedic elements from Shaiva Hindu religion!

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