Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Do we really want to end terrorism?

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How terrorists get arsenal to cause havoc across the globe and how to stop these supplies first should be the focused line of action if at all the nations are serious to wipe out the terrorism.  The war against terrorism is mere an illusion unless such supplies are stopped. The terrorists and the nations sending the army or air attacks on the terrorist camps would only mean benefits to the weapon manufacturers, dealers, smugglers and the funding agencies.

Terrorism has become a global problem, a severe threat to the humanity. Today Islam is blamed for all the incidents of the terrorism, Taliban is now replaced by ISIS…tomorrow some other organization will replace it. But the chain of the terrorist activities won’t come to an ultimate halt.

Paris attack made global headlines causing agony and fury across the globe. Terrors of ISIS continues unabated. But Boko Haram remains mostly un-discussed as they are causing havoc in so-called “less civilized” countries. This shows how our standards of humanity are degraded.  Actually, in 2015, almost every day,  some or other part of the world experienced ambush, bombings, kidnappings, inhuman killings and suicide attacks. After Paris incident world seemed suddenly awakened and has declared war against terrorism, especially ISIS.

ISIS is using mostly American origin arms, from automatic rifles to Rocket launchers. It is said that they have acquired those weapons from the Syrian-Iraqi army men, Saudi Arabia and China. There is the well-established chain of the supplies and its distribution. Britain is said to be arming Kurdish people to fight against ISIS. Getting hold of weapons by stealing is a myth. What about the ceaseless supply of ammunition? They must be smuggled in. How Maoists of India get hold of arms and ammunition? It is well-known fact that from China via North-Eastern states they are smuggled and distributed among Maoists. The facts and figures show that India lost double the people in Maoist attacks so far than the people, including soldiers, died in the three Indo-Pak wars. US have been supplying arms to Iraq with a futile hope that they will be used against ISIS. Rather it has become a major source for ISIS to get modern weaponry.

Having fundamentalism (Muslim, Maoist or any other for that matter) major reason behind any act of the terrorism is the thing that does have ancient traits. The problem with us is, to fight out terrorism and stop killings of the innocents, the priority should have been to stop the supply of the armaments to any such country/region, even for the lame reason that such people will fight out terrorist groups! For example, US supplied arms to Iraqi army to wage war against ISIS. It is doubted that some part of those arms, intended for Iraqi army reached in hands of ISIS. How then these countries can boast of ending terrorism? ISIS is a blot, but we cannot forget that they have been nurtured by the politically motivated intentions. America (and its friends) and Russia have been arming the terrorist groups alternatively. Russian war against ISIS and now France and allies participating it a great joke on humanity.

The lobby of arms manufacturers is strong in US. Russia too possesses equal ability to produce arms. China too is in the race to increase supplies wherever possible. They use all means, even smuggling them, to the destination wherever possible trouble erupts.

Under the circumstances, I would like to say that the war against terrorism is a lie. Warlords don’t wish at all that the terrorism should be eliminated from the face of the earth. Rather they are grooming the terrorists of the future by killing terrorists of the present!

 Blaming Islam for all terrorism is superficial excuse. May be the tenets of Quran are responsible for it. But then which religious book is devoid of these terrorist elements? Gita too specifically is aimed to wage war against Adharma…killing of human beings is necessary to establish Dharma…says Krishna ultimately! Now there is no clear definition of what Dharma or Adharma is!  But Hindu’s don’t go on killing the people in massive proportion, though their religion allows it! The only reason is Hindu’s have no easy access to the weapons. However. we can see how thee use of arms is being promoted by the fanatic Hindu organizations. Or else they too could have waged a bloody war against Muslims as RSS have been preaching since its inception! The religious commands in the old Testament too promote terrorism

What we need is, if at all we, the global citizens, are serious to have freedom to live and let live, if at all we are serious to end terrorism, first of all the weapon supplies has to be banned to the people/groups or nations those are up to disturb the global peace.

I mean that the weapon manufacturers and their supply chains must be kept under constant surveillance and should be punished heavily if at all they are found to be guilty in supplies to the wrong people. The nations too, those support or promote terrorism, should be imposed with economic sanctions. In a way the global community shall isolate them. 

And, under the disguise of Superpower, global policing of any nation, too, is needed to be stopped at top priority. Superpower means an ability to enslave others, politically or economically. The world nations should be well aware of the risks they are undertaking in wooing the so-called economic, political and nuclear powers.

If the terrorists can get easy access to the modern weaponry the day is not far away that they also can get hold of nuclear weapons too! Fanatics are ready to die as they are trained suicidal and what even if entire globe is destroyed after them? The risk is heavy….not at all affordable to the human being and other species.

To me, the war against terrorism can only be fought and ended with fruitful results only if the supply of the arms and ammunitions are curbed with global consensus and the smugglers are set to heavy punishments.

This is not impossible if the world is really up to fight out terrorism. If not….ISIS will never end….it would produce other hundreds from their blood!

Blood of the humanity will be spilled forever and the dream of ultimate freedom of humanity will never come true.

We have to make the choice…!

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