Thursday, December 15, 2016

Outdated date system!

In almost all cases the courts keep on giving the date after dates even before the actual hearing begins. The accused has to spend almost the whole day in the court premises as he doesn’t know when his case will be announced. Every month once or twice his attendance is mandatory before the judge or else bailable or non-bailable warrant is issued. The workload on the police those distribute right from summons to execute NBW’s is immense.

Making it mandatory to attend every date was because the legal machinery feared that the accused may go absconding to avoid the trial. A criminal case takes about three to ten years to stand for trial and then hearing too is prolonged so much so that another few years are wasted in absence of the hearing on every given date before the verdict is delivered.

The basic principle of the law is no one is criminal unless he is proven so beyond all reasonable doubts. Many accused has to spend some time in jail under the pretext of Judicial Custody. The period of judicial custody to the undertrial may prolong sometimes to years, so much so that it encompasses the jailing term beyond the maximum term he could have spent in the jail if proven guilty. Judicial custody is nothing but illegal imprisoning and punishing an accused even before he is convicted or even charge sheeted. We, as a citizen of a democratic country, hardly have given any thought to this punishment to the possible innocents.

The date system too is another punishment where he has to compulsorily attend every date for years, every month, to waste a day and suffer monetary loss till he is convicted or discharged of the crime.

Another aspect of the dating system is wastage of the time of the judges in checking the presence and allotting the next dates. Two to three hours of working time of a judge goes waste in this exercise. He could spend this valuable time to dispose of the pending cases by proper hearing. This can expedite speedy justice and lesser trouble to the accused. This also can help reduce the huge load of the pending cases.  

Very small number of the accused those go absconding or untraceable.  It is found the police many times help the accused by giving false reports to the courts. Naturally, corruption takes place in such and other cases and it is not small. However, it can be seen that the purpose of the date system is not served. At one hand the honest do suffer when dishonest can escape from the judicial trial. But now, with the modern technologies at hand, it is very much hard for one to remain untraceable if one is determined to find someone. And to police, at the least now, this cannot be an impossible task.

Then, the question is, what is the use of following the outdated date system that wastes time and money of the accused and the judiciary?
The accused must be present at the time of the trial. Not just for the sake of proving that he has not been absconded and is very much alive! It is meaningless to force the accused to be present on every given date when the Judges are sure they cannot start his trial for whatever duration. When the hearing date is fixed that can be intimated to the accused and witnesses through conventional and modern systems. If someone is untraceable or has gone absconding, police machinery can be used to find the accused and produce before the court. This can save tremendous time and costs not only of the accused but judicial system too!    

The judicial custody too needs a serious attention because it punishes the accused before he is proven guilty of the crime. To send someone to the judicial custody, at the least the speedy preliminary trial has to be conducted to decide on the nature of the involvement of the accused and whether proofs gathered are enough those may prove him guilty. Courts should also use the discretionary powers to decide whether the accused may or can destroy, alter the proofs and pressurize the witnesses to change their testimony. Unless there are such reasons to believe how an accused can be sent to jail only because if proven guilty the minimum punishment will be over the certain term?

In absence of the preliminary trial, detaining any accused in the jail stuffing him with the proven criminals is nothing but an undeserved punishment. This is the violation of the human rights and liberty of the individual. I think the modern society should attend to this grave issue.

Outdated date system also is a serious hurdle in speedy trials and disposal of the huge number of the pending cases.  The judicial custody system has overcrowded the jails where even the innocents too have to spend some or more time in inhuman conditions. The system has no right to punish anyone unless he is proved to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt and through the proper legal process.  

Monday, December 12, 2016

OBC Literary movement...Why?

In our country, the literature too seems clearly has been divided in the four categories. That is the literature of the upper castes, dalits, tribal and OBC.  At present the so called upper caste and Dalit literature seem to be dominant, though both stand opposite in nature and social doctrine. However, the OBC literature, though a recent concept, has very few takers even among the OBC authors and thinkers. There have been attempts to combine the both, Dalit and OBC literature, but have not been successful. The thinkers those are trying to promote the concept of the OBC literature are also confined to what the ideological base should this literary movement carry. 

Mahatma Phule and Dr. Ambedkar were the obvious idols to them. The ideologies promoted by both the great thinkers could have formed a wider base to bring new literary revolution. The so-called upper caste literature mostly is influenced by the western thought, loaded with Vedicist views, having nothing much new, even in the form and style. Rather it hardly is the literature of this soil. Dalit literature was a ray of hope for it belonged to the human plight of this soil and introduced a new style. However, it remained confined to its initial stage and did not take any progressive direction to get more and more mature. Combining Mahatma Phule and Dr. Ambedkar utterly has failed because of our changed social stratification and viewpoints. Or it can be said that such efforts weren't serious enough. The attempt of domination of one group over other was naturally bound to fail.

However, let us first decide what the OBC literature means? For that let us ask few questions.

1.    Can literature authored only by OBC be OBC literature?
2.    Can the literature in which OBC characters and their strife is depicted and penned by the OBC be the OBC literature?
3.    Can the literature authored by anybody but depicting OBC characters be the OBC literature?
4.    What is meant by the term literature?

Let us discuss the above questions.

-         Technically, any literature written by any OBC writer can become OBC literature. There is no dearth of OBC writers now in the country. There are many poets, playwrights, novelists and story writers of fame that belong to the OBC category. 

However, when we come to the second and third question, we can see clearly that the literature written by the OBC cannot become OBC literature because their characters, the ideologies and social relationships depicted are almost devoid of any OBC aspiration or their strife for the better life.

Then how it can become OBC literature?

The literature in which the OBC protagonists and their aspirations, their strife, their sentiments, their driving forces and their achievements are portrayed can be treated as the OBC literature. 

But what if above criteria is fulfilled but the writer is not OBC? Can still it be called OBC literature? 

Technically it should because the literature in question is all about OBCs and their social relationship with rest of the society.

What is literature? Literature is any form of the written expression in which human life is depicted in creative artistic manner. I exclude autobiographies from this term because it doesn’t fulfill the definition of the literature though it may embrace the some of the essential ingredients of the literature. Autobiographies do expose and explore the social conditions of certain groups those may be unknown to the world. Dalit autobiographies are the fine example of this. However, this is not the case with the OBC though there are many autobiographies, but the expression limited to their own life without relating it to the vision as OBC without any contribution to the ideology, no matter what it is.  

The literature is devoid of the OBC protagonists and their life. Uddhav Shelke’s “Dhag” is an exception that I have come across. There could be other exceptions as well. In rest of the literature, there are OBC characters here and there but their role is subordinate and seems to be picked up randomly to suit the plot. 

Why this could have happened? 

The first thing comes to my mind is OBC community is till now is overburdened with the inferiority complex that makes OBC author reluctant to choose protagonists from his own caste or from OBC community. They do not think the life of the OBC could be or is exciting enough that can provide charming plots to pen novels or plays. They also might be feeling that the readers may not welcome the book if it is on the backdrop of their community as no one would be interested.

I know many OBC authors and poets but they hesitate to present themselves as OBC. Rather they desire upward mobility in the literary circles by adjusting their ideologies accordingly. In fact, they mostly enter the Hindutva camp for they provide stage and fame through their numerous tentacle organizations/groups. Dalit literary movement, though that too has been slowed down recently, is more aggressive, full of Amebedkarite ideology,  cope up some OBC writers who are rebellious and prone to the social change in Ambedkarite order. In a way, OBC writers have no option to belong to this or that camp because they do not have their own. The OBC thus seldom can voice their own thoughts those are independent of both the camps. This is why the ideological construction of the OBC movement could not progress at all!

It may be asked whether there really is a need of independent literary movement of OBC? Why divide literature on basis of the castes? I would like to ask, are the problems, aspirations, social conditions and the sufferings of OBC are as same as writers belonging to the other camps? There won't be any necessity of separate camps if the life of the OBC was portrayed enough with the unprejudiced psyche. Unfortunately this is not the case. 

It is said that the OBC community is a group of so many castes that it is impossible to incorporate them in a single voice. This is not true. The common link between every OBC caste is that they were all creators since Indus times, makers of the innovative, useful commodities those they had invented in the remote past and became the pillar of the economy since then by their immense artistic contribution. Many such castes are included in OBC category and some are excluded. However, the fact remains that all the Creator Communities belong to the OBC category, though legally they might be excluded or thrown in some other category for the constitutional criterion.

Hence Mandal Commissions or later categorization cannot limit the scope of OBC in a social sense.  It has to be broadened to some extent when we speak of OBC literature.

Most importantly OBC has not been cautious about searching their own roots. They either are dependent on the Vedic sources, foreign sources or on the Dalit sources. They do not have their own sources because they never tried it! They are unaware of their cultural history, rather they are least interested in it. They do not know even they were one who are creators of the culture as well. Hence there is no independent research that can throw proper light on their existence and help to understand what they are! Rather they want to connect some or other way with either Kshatriya Race or Brahmin varna and essentially become subordinate to both the communities. OBC are religious but they are unaware of the fact that their deities and philosophies have been hijacked long ago. The rebellion OBC takes the opposite stance and joins the camp that trusts those were Brahmins who forced caste system on them. Both the claims are illogical, unhistorical  and hence no independent ideology of the OBC ever could develop. The lack of the OBC literature was a natural outcome. The OBC literary meets started from past decade but I do not find they have been addressing the root cause. 


OBC or creator community is the largest in the country, no matter what religion they belong to today. The common factor is they all are a class of the innovative creators and builders of the economy till the advent of the British Raj.  I call this class as the “Nirmankarta samaj”. Caste meant profession or occupation. There is no question of anybody forcing it to enslave them. The OBCs have seen glorious days right from Indus days till 11th century AD. There has been a drastic decline in their socio-economical conditions since then. Before that, they enjoyed all the privileges from the Royal courts and honor in the society as they had built powerful guilds of every manufacturing profession. But is there any novel that depicts, for example, invention of the iron, blacksmiths guild, their life and the challenges they overcome to excel? Is there no romance enough to portray for a good historical novel? 

Is history only belongs to the kings, the nobles and priests?

 With wake of the industrial revolution, gradually he lost his businesses and turned to a factory or farm labor for survival. Isn’t there a chance to portray a socio-economic upheaval that drastically affected his life that not only changed his surroundings and the social relationships with his usual way of life in such a manner that he lost his honor and remained only struggler and sufferer? There are so many seeds that can become independent plots for the classic literature if we allow to sprout them. 

The need has arisen because there is no proper depiction of the OBC communities in the literature. Hence there is no reflection of their aspirations, their strifes, dreams and philosophy in the literature. Even, there is no as yet proper research in their history and the changes they underwent through the ages. The cultural roots of the OBC are almost forgotten. The inferiority complex has forced him to build fictitious stories about his origin to counter Vedic explanation to the origin or he is forced to trust whatever is told to him without an attempt to check the reality. So, OBC is the community that is totally confused and hence a OBC writer too does not dare much to portray OBC protagonists and their strife.

In modern era only Mahatma Phule could dare the closed walls of the ignorance and the social oppression.  There has been no attempt to create any ideology out of Mahatma Phule’s works that could attract the writers to make it a part of their literary expressions. In fact, the identity crisis seems to be affecting the Nirmankartas and hence no firm and concrete vision is being developed. 

The tragedy is the creator community utterly have failed in creating literature out of their life.The OBC literature is needed to give new philosophy, the vision and the goal for OBCs life. The literature should be a mirror where a OBC can find his reflection and aspire for new heights. His present condition is terrifically bad as compared with other communities in India. He is almost voiceless, powerless and whatever achievements he embraces are out of his mountainous hard work. Most OBCs are a failure or enjoy the camps where they do not belong.  No matter whether it is literary, education, economic or political world.

And unless this class is empowered in all he will be left neglected forever. Literature, where one can relate and identify….feel his self is a base of the motivations.  Unfortunately, OBC has nothing to relate with in the literature.

OBC literary movement is to inspire OBC writers to change their stance and find material from their own community to do the creative work. The researchers should find time to search for the roots of the OBCs with the unbiased mind and find answers to the present predicament OBCs are facing. There could be many views but those can be debated over for the betterment of the society. 

One thing is clear, unless OBC stands strong and erect India never can become a true Superpower ever!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Awake...the freedom is in danger!

There should be no hesitation in accepting the fact that the Chartered Accountants know very well the practical economics as they have to deal with all the aspects of the financial transactions their clients make and represent them before the authorities as a statutory auditor and certifier.

The demonetization move of Mr. Modi is being criticized from all the quarters. This is democratic right of every citizen to react, no matter whether it is in support or in dissent. His voice cannot be suppressed as long he is not speaking out to cause riots or to incite the violence.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has issued notices against the members those expressed their dissent against demonetization and has admonished all the members by a circular that if any member violates the code stern action will be initiated against him. 

Why the government should be afraid of the experts expressing their opinions? 

The similar circular has been issued to the Railway employees that they should not criticize the demonetization else they will have to be faced the stern action. Maybe, all government employees have been in receipt of such circulars.

This is undemocratic, dictatorial step taken by the Modi government where people have been prohibited from their freedom to express their opinion. Tomorrow the government may issue such orders to media and then social media if this is not opposed vehemently to protect our fundamental right to speak. This is undeclared emergency in which democratic values are at stake.
All the citizens must raise their voice against such evil attempts to suppress their freedom. Already we are in the state of economic emergency where we are unable to use our own money. They have deprived us from our right to wealth, no matter for a short (but uncertain) period. One after one right is in danger and it demands our strong reaction to stop such attempts to crush our freedom!

I condemn these undemocratic circulars which are an indirect ban on the right to express!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Bhakts...Mr. Modi and the dooming economy!

Public memory is very short. People have forgotten what was promised by Mr. Narendra Modi before coming in the power and what he did immediately after coming in the power. First six months his ministers and sadhu-sadhvis kept people busy in giving boost to the meaningless discussions on governments attempt to introduce Vedic knowledge. technologies  and language in the education. The Vedic planes started flying in the scientific meets. Mr. Modi told blatantly before the medical professionals how plastic surgery was an ancient Indian invention. Intellectuals and common people were lost in that discussion, forgetting all other issues. A new creed, Bhakts, started admonishing the critics to give PM more time for prime minister has to repair the (imagery) immense damages of past 60 years and that what he was doing was to benefit the nation. They demanded first three months…then six months and now they demand whole term to show the results! The insanity of the half-baked Bhakts is reaching to the new heights every day! 

Hindutva agenda could not be forced much despite all the efforts and determination! Failed on the testing ground of the Hindutva, the Prime Minister recklessly started making new announcements one after other, making them hypnotizing events. Svaccha Bharat Abhiyan was introduced and celebrated creating a new hype and as a result, a tax was imposed on the people. Where has gone Svaccha Bharat scheme? Much hyped Ganga cleaning saw thousand of crors washing away with its filthy water. Bullet Train proved to be a bogus dream as no further concrete step was taken. Then was introduced an event of “Smart City”. The cities those were announced for this program proved to be smarter than PM’s scheme and meager budget allocated. 

Then came Make in India, Stand up India, Digital India, Jan Dhan Yojana, Krishi Sinchan Yojna and so on. Every announcement followed a hysteric hype. People forgot to check what happened to the previous schemes. Neither Bhakts bothered to have track of their false defense. Such kind of defending Bhakt brigade is becoming a curse to this government.

In the meaningless slogans, plans and discussions two and half years slipped by. There has been no significant action on any front, even defense. Situation in Kashmir deteriorated. Terrorists could walk in the heart of Army camp and kill the soldiers. To show he is not idle, the government made another event of surgical strike. It was insane to disclose secret army operations before the world. But Modi government did it. It was boasted by the Defense Minister that now Pakistan is trembling with fear…and to his surprise (and to our bad luck) the terrorists again entered Nagrota army camp and took lives of our soldiers. The Government did not feel it necessary to equip our soldiers those are on the boundary, with modern vigilance equipments!  In short, if we look at the outcome of the governments all the announcements we will be left in the depression.

And he, Mr. Modi, came forward with another spine breaking blunder of demonetization. He said that the decision is to remove black money, curb the corruption and counterfeit currency. Everybody welcomed this move.  But as days passed after making the currency illegal from the midnight of 8th November, it dawned on everybody that the government was not at all prepared to handle replacement of the old currency with new one. The most illogical part was he introduced 2000 bill first which anyway was useless as there could be no change available to the user in the market. The farmers and daily wages dependents were the first victims of this move. Farmers neither can sell their produce nor can buy seeds and fertilizers for the new farming season. The economy has brutally been crushed as most of the transaction came to the halt. It is feared by the economists that the burden of this loss is so immense that it may take years to recover fully. 

Mr. Modi, suddenly stopped speaking about black money and counterfeits as soon he realized the futility of his exercise and started another slogan-game of Cashless India, which never was the objective of his blunder at all. He might have realized what the stark realities he has to face after taking a mindless decision, but it seems he is in no mood to correct the things. To save economy from the coming doom he could have taken some positive steps to boost the morale of the people and so the economy.

It is a fact that most of the people have gone in the pessimistic mode and are trying to cope up with the disastrous situation by changing their lifestyle. They are managing their meager cash (or credit) to spend only on the necessities avoiding what they in usual conditions would have spent.  Another factor is bothering the people and that is uncertainty of the future. They do not know when and what another bombshell PM will explode with his announcements. The announcement about the gold was an unnecessary exercise.  That was old regulation. There was no necessity to impose fear among the common people. All these factors, such as changed lifestyle, habits, purchasing patterns etc. can cause a heavy blow to the usual economy. Economics is a human science, runs almost on the psychology of the consumers. This imminent danger is looming large and complete collapse is possible if the currency crisis is not sorted out within a fortnight at the most. But management skills of the Modi government are so poor that it could prove to be a false hope. And yes, FM is saying he needs at the least two quarters (six months) to normalize the currency situation. 

In this vast span of the time, it is very much possible that the usual demand pattern will change to need-based commodities. Trust in the banks and economy will evaporate. This is dangerous situation no one would like to fall in to! As an impact, this will be a heavy blow on the production and so the employment. It has to be ensured that nothing happens of this sort and the trust is restored by making the positive moves. For example either Mr. Modi can reduce the Income tax or abolish it forever by just keeping indirect taxes. Alternatively he can reduce the rates of proposed GST or present indirect taxes if he wants the present Income Tax system to be continued. Simultaneously, he can start implementing additional infrastructural projects thereby providing a booster to the economy and restore the normalcy. Somehow, Mr. Modi has to ensure that the trust of the people in the economy must be restored. 

Talking of the cashless economy is making fun of the people! Though the cashless transactions are bound to grow, still they will be very meager as compared to our overall economy!

All the time PM cannot depend on his brainless Bhakts and lies of Arthakranti. Their mindless, illogical and mostly foolish defense is dangerous to the present government. This is not economic by any standard to boast of. Rather it is an unprecedented Man-made Economic Disaster that India ever has witnessed.  Mindlessly playing with the economy is unaffordable to the country and its citizens. Mr. Modi has to come out from his boastful cocoon and see the harsh realities people are facing. Last two and half years were unproductive and this demonetization move is taking India in the dark crevasse of economic doom that none should forget. I am sure the Indians did not vote him in for such suffering and destruction!
We all are aware now the objectives of this scheme utterly have failed. No black money issue is being sorted out because of this. The corruption is on new height. There is no enough staff with Income tax department to manage all the new assessments and prosecutions. Even there is not enough staff with Sales Tax and Excise Duty authorities to keep the check on every transaction. This scheme may make IT officials richer as they are gifted with an unforeseen opportunity by the government itself. The objectives those Mr. Modi talked about have already proven to be misleading, futile and day-dreaming. As a result economy is shattering. 

Only immediate positive moves can save everything from the outlined forthcoming imminent disasters. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Identity Crisis of the Vedics!

People those adhered to Vedic faith in India, before British empire had tightened its final rule, were living a kind of normal life. They did not have to encounter any psychological dilemmas as to who were they. They never needed to find their own roots. Over the millennium they had established themselves as chief priests of not only Vedic but non-Vedic societies (Shudras and Ati-Shudras to them) as well. 
They even could deny coronation of King Shivaji until he proved his royal (Kshatriya) bloodline. The fact was Kshatria varna never had any Vedic sanctions except for the later Smrities.  However, unless one would prove to be Vedic, he couldnt have any Vedic ritualistic rights. They had enforced ideas of Varna system upon non-Vedic society and would decide the non-Vedic religious matters on Vedic principles in British era. Prior to that the Smritis remained limited to only the Vedic society. However, the Vedics enjoyed high status and would forever as was written in Smritis and Puranas. They needn’t think of their origin as Vedas had declared them to be born of Lord’s head. The meaning of the Vedic verses was as if the propriety of the Vedic priests. However, they always were aware of the fact that their religion is distinct and it has no relation with the Hindu religion, whatsoever. But so far there was no racial tint to their supremacist schemes. 
However, first, it was Bopp followed by Max Muller to propose Aryan Invasion theory in the middle of the nineteenth century. The theory made havoc in Indian society, especially Vedic Brahmin. They thought they were part of an ancient race named Aryan which was mighty, brilliant, progenitors of Sanskrit language which later became the mother of all Indo-European languages and conquerors of Indian aboriginals. Those were victorious Aryans those enslaved and enforced caste system upon the aboriginals. Unfortunately, they fall for the prey without understanding the conspiracy. Rather overjoyed by the invention (?) they could not foresee the trap. They suddenly started to find their roots in Eurasia and looked down at the local populace as enslaved ones in newborn enthusiasm. The religious divide thus became racial divide. It was a dangerous situation they were entering into, but the scholars like Lok. B. G. Tilak rather contributed to the theory boosting egotism of the Brahmanical (Vedic) society of India.
The theory naturally had fitting reaction from non-Vedic Shaivait society. Jotirao Phule declared Brahmins as outsiders, vicious and savage people those cunningly won indigenous Asura society putting them in lowest social order so that they could rule them unobtrusively. There was nothing wrong in Mahatma Phule’s argument. He ruthlessly lashed Vedics for their principles of inequality and religious supremacy. Non-Vedics too started to find their own roots independently as they found Vedic scriptures were of no help to them to find their own past. The original Asura cultural theory rose up naturally to encounter Vedic Aryan Theory. In a way, Aryan Invasion theory became the main cause of the racial divide in the Indian subcontinent.
Vedics could see the trap of the European scholars not until the middle of the twentieth century. They were actually fascinated with the term “Aryan.” The term itself made them racially superior and a born to rule elite class. And yet approving to the foreign origin too was becoming dangerous as Dravidians and other Shudra (originally a name of a tribe, forced later on the Non-Vedics) thinkers and political leaders were constantly agitating against them.
Without abandoning the term “Aryan” they suddenly took U-turn and started stating that the Aryans were indigenous. RSS chief blatantly declared that the North Pole was situated at Varanasi in ancient times so Aryans too were originated in the vicinity of holy Varanasi. This argument was unscientific hence it received scathing attacks and forced RSS to abandon this theory. Still, they wanted to prove anyhow indigenous Aryan theory at any cost.
Self-declared scholars like Shrikant Talageri, Michael Danino, and Stephen Knap etc. recently came to their rescue. Talageri painstakingly, sometimes breaking the basic rules of history writing, misinterpreting the Rig Vedic history, tried to prove that the Vedic Aryans moved from East Punjab to Afghanistan and then onward some branches spread Indo-Aryan languages in Europe. Danino and others tried to link the Ghaggar River to the Vedic Sarasvati River thus not only try to prove Vedic Aryans were indigenous but progenitors of Indus culture. The vague proofs misinterpreted and misrepresented though became popular in the Vedic society of India and abroad, but the claim never did prove on scientific grounds.
What is their problem? Why they still are searching their roots? Why they also use the genetics to conveniently prove their Eurasian or indigenous bloodline? 
The problem is with their superiority complex nourished by a grand falsehood. The problem is with their desire to maintain dominance of so-called Vedic culture. The problem is with their own misunderstanding of their own self. They do not want to see clearly what they are, though the abundant proofs show they too are ordinary people, converts and if something special has happened in the cultural history of the country the major contributors are non-Vedic society in various forms…right from architecture to various branches of art and science. They had minor or no participation in it except reciting Vedas and other scriptures, adding to it, corrupting it generations after generations. Whatever discoveries can be attributed to them was always part of their religious requirements. Lack of prominent heroes in Vedic society they compensated by thieving non-Vedic heroes with garnering Vedic elements to their characters. Rama, Krishna and even Parshurama were never part of Vedic society or religion. The deliberately added Vedic elements to their characters are so obvious that they can be very easily detected! What made them do this?
Still, they want the credit of everything that is excavated from the remote past! Isn’t it insanity? Craziness?
The identity crisis of Vedics is self-inflicted. It is just an outcome of their superiority complex nourished from centuries. And as yet they cannot tell for sure to which land they belonged. What is their real contribution to the Indian society and culture? What was their race? How old really are their scriptures like Rig Vedas? Why and under what circumstances they abandoned their own Gods and worshipping non-Vedic gods? What proves their victory over aboriginals and their enslavement and forcing castes (professions) on them?
They do not have answers to these questions. If at all they want to answer these questions they twist and distort the things and somehow manage to escape without giving convincing answers with the proofs to the satisfaction of other people. They do otherwise. They misrepresent the facts. This way they not only deceive others but themselves. And this is more dangerous!
Who are Vedics? Vedicism just is another religion amongst others. It has been proved on all grounds that the Shaivait tradition has been anterior to all other religious traditions of India which still remains practically dominant in the country. The Vedicism, based on four Vedas and various Smritis, having its own ritualistic structure is an independent religion. There is no common factor including philosophy that anyway can even remotely connect both the religions.
Then why they shy away from calling them Vedics as a separate independent religion? Why they want to hide their self in disguise of Hinduism? Why they get terrified or agonized when told that you have the different and distinct religion and do not commit blasphemy by calling yourself Hindu?
They do not know for sure from where they have come. They are not sure exactly what religion they have today. They want to play in both the religions and that too as a leader. They want to keep their own religion and its practices to themselves and yet want to grab whatever benefits them from other distinct religion.
Let us not forget here that India had been the secular country from ancient times. This is why many religions took birth and could spread their messages unobstructed in the country. The Kings and magnates have patronized all the existing faiths. Not that there hadn’t been any religious skirmishes, but still they are not as violent as we find in western history. People too have seen revering other faiths as well while practicing their own. There have been religions those had many factors common and yet they maintained their independent existence, such as Jainism and Buddhism. Actually, there was nothing common between Vedicism and Shaivism. It is Vedicism which always had been unsympathetic towards Buddhism and Jainism. Ardent opponents of Lord Shiva and his religion, its idolatry, from the Rig Vedic times, it is a massive shift of Vedics by entering the Shaivait religion as priests. Historically speaking, the need of the time, survival, forced them to change their own religious stance. The secularity of the people didn’t mind but they did not know they are inviting an evil inside their home.
The society experienced it. They were degraded from their own position of the social equality and an eternal curse of the inferiority shrouded them forever.
Still…Vedics do not admit that they are bi-religious people. They still want to hold their positions as religious and cultural leaders forcing Vedic culture on Non-Vedic people creating fraudulent stories of Vedic origin of everything! Then why they do not admit they are Vedic?
This is because they have the psychological disorder. Just to maintain their hegemony they keep on harping the greatness of the Vedas and when questioned they try to impress that the reading of the Vedas is incorrect! However, their own readings vary with the changing scenarios and they don't mind to it for it suits their purpose! This just is a mockery of the scientific methods. Who will safeguard their interests? They shy away from admitting that they are Vedics when among Hindus but keep on harping on the Vedic superiority to maintain their hegemony. They always are on a quest of finding their original habitat which has been changing constantly from one place to another!  
Vedic people need to come out of this identity crisis and look at the things with naked eyes without nourishing any Vedic prejudices. The ordinary Vedics are getting confused day after day and they do not know what kind of relationship they want to maintain with the Hindu, i.e. Non-Vedic people. Some time they go offensive...some time defensive...but this is not going to help them to avoid scathing attacks from non-Vedics. How to solve the problem is up to them...

How Vedic Culture was Introduced to India?

Vedic culture is not the starting point of Indian cultural history as is assumed by the Vedic scholars to shower undeserved praises upon it. It is evidenced from Rig Veda that the Vedic religion did not originate in present day India. Moreover almost 60% of the Rig Vedic corpus was already composed by the early Rig Vedic seers in the Gandhar region. Zoroastrian religion predates Vedic religion and most of the deities, demons and religious concepts have been borrowed from it. Many personal names also are similar in both the scriptures. It is not possible without geographical closeness between two societies in which the distinct by shadow religions have emerged. Though the linguistic similarity between Vedic and Avestan language is well marked by the scholars, it is misassumption that the Vedic language as is found in present Rig Veda is original and unchanged since its first expression. This is not the fact. The present Rig Veda linguistically has been restructured (translated) in present form. There are influx of Dravidian, Munda, and many other untraceable to any living language but foreign words to Vedic language, as traced by Witzel and other scholars. Presence of various letters in Rig Veda those are alien to the so called Indo-European language groups like La, Ta, Da, Dha, Na, Tha (retroflexes)and many more but present in Indian Prakrit languages shows that the original language of the Rig Veda couldn’t be the same in which present Rig Veda is presented.
Tarkateerth Laxmanshastri Joshi in his “Vaidik Sanskriticha Itihas” (History of Vedic Culture) states that the Rig Veda has been composed in India when the Sanskrit language was improvised. We cannot agree with this in totality because the geographical and socio-historical elements those are present in Rig Veda clearly proves that most of the part of Rig Veda was originally composed in the vernacular language of southern part of the Gandhar region and to the north of the Sindhu River. We have seen that the present Ghaggar River on any count and even by extreme stretch of the imagination cannot be the River Sarasvati which lavishly is praised by the Vedic people. All the geological evidences go contrary to the claim that Ghaggar was once known as Sarasvati. Actually trying to prove Aryans as an indigenous race and to attribute them the credit of Indus civilization, some scholars like Michael Danino, M. K. Dhawalikar etc. are distorting or misrepresenting the geological proofs which is nothing but murder of the history!
We have seen that the Aryan never ever was a race to which some fanatic classes of the people taken so much so fascination. They want to believe what did not exist ever! The mankind has been socially and psychologically been suffering because of such fanatics. We have to take what appears to be a fact and nothing else.
The language of Avesta is original and preserves its archaic form whereas Vedic language seems to be further polished to make it intelligible to the people living afar, speaking the different dialects. Avesta too in later course of the time was translated to Pahlavi as well as in later Persian language. The surviving part of the original Avesta, Gathas of Zoroaster and its language shows the clear difference in vocabulary and grammatical structure with Rig Veda. The Rig Veda has more polished words and, though not as rich as classical Sanskrit, improvised syntax and morphology. It doesn’t appear the language of early stage of humanity. Also, unlike Avesta, it does not show the progressive nature of the language in course of the time. It is almost agreed by the scholars that the Rig Veda was being composed over the period of 300 years but it doesn’t reflect on what we can call is almost uniform linguistic structure of the Rig Veda. Avestan language though considered to be similar with Vedic Sanskrit, still the fact is the language of Rig Veda is far improvised, modified and seems to have to be developed by not only loan words but grammatical peculiarities as well.
So the present similarity of Rig Veda and Avesta is limited to the few features.
We have seen that the Bhrigus, once enemy of Sudasa clan, after 10-12 generations actively participated composition of Rig Veda along with kanvas and Agastyas. They not only contributed to Rig Veda but spread the Vedic religion in India.Let us not forget here that the Rig Vedic geography had shifted from Gandhar (Hemand) region to Gangetic region because of these clans. They sought help from yadu, Turvasas and Ikshvakus whenever in trouble and lavishly praised them in Danastutis for their assistance. These clans too were rivals of Sudasa clan. They followed different (Shaivait) religious practices.
When these clans (Bhrigu, Kanva, Agastya etc.) entered Vedic tradition, Sudasas clan was almost vanished from the pages of the history. We do not find even his mention in the Puru clan’s genealogy given in Mahabharata, though the last edition of Mahabharata is attributed to the Bhrigus. This fact can be attributed to the very reason that Purus too had fought against Sudasa as an enemy in the battle of ten kings along with Yadus and others. Rather when Sudasa clan was no more existent Yadus, Turvasus and even Iskvakus provided military aid to the Vedic people on Kanvas appeal.
Also the fact must be noted that the Puru in Eigveda and Puru of Mahabharata are not one and the same. Puru appears as a personal name in Mahabharata whereas it is a tribes name in Rigveda. Same thing is with Yadu an dTurvasa.
Early bulk of Rig Veda was transferred to central India from South Afghanistan to North India by Videgh Mathava, who found refuge on the banks of Sadanira river. The myth appearing in Satapatha Brahmina gives indication of transfer of the Vedic seat from Helmand to Sadanira.
Is is so clear from Rig Veda that on the face of it Shrikant Talageri’s out of India theory sounds ridiculous and insane. The references to Ganga-Yamuna in later parts of the Rig Veda clearly indicates the travel of Rig Veda from west to east and not otherwise as Talageri believes. The travel of Rig Veda cannot be attributed to the mass movement of Aryans or Vedic people to India. The credit goes to Videgh Mathava who, in order to survive from the onslaught of the Persian faith ventured to seek refuge in India. From there he and his disciples started collecting scattered hymns of the Rigveda and also transformed the language of the Rigveda to make it intelligible to the local converts.
From the known linguistic history we know that the Prakrits of different forms, such as Maharashtri, Shaurseni, Gandhari, Magadhi, Ardhamagadhi etc. had occupied the north India whereas Dravidian languages dominated southern India. Agastya, as we know, was the first Vedic seer to introduce Vedic religion to South India. Interestingly the etymology of Agatsya in Sanskrit is very much artificial and forcibly derived. (He, who forbade Vindhya Mountain from rising, Agastya.) Naturally this etymology is derived from the later mythical event connected with some other Agastya, most probably from the Rig Vedic Agatsya clan. The popularity of Agatsya in southern mythologies makes us believe that the presence of Dravidian elements in Vedic language can be attributed to Agatsya.
“In fact, the proposition that Sanskrit was a purposefully formulated language is not new. Rather, awareness dates back to the Rigvedic period. Rig Veda 10.71.1-2 explicitly states that the Vedic seers formulated the speech….” States Pramod Pathak in his paper Rig Veda, Indus Culture and the Indo-Iranian Connections.
This does indicates that the new speech was formulated which is called as Chandas or Vedic Sanskrit. The portion that was composed at the original habitat of early Rig Vedic seers was in different language is evident from the Rig Vedic geography itself. Also the assumption of the various scholars that the Vedic Aryans invaded or migrated to India have no support whatever from the Rig Veda itself. Nor Vedic Aryans were migrated from East to West to spread Vedic religion or languages in western world. Iranians were stronger and they already had established their religion in Iran and other western regions. Non-Vedic seers became patrons of Rig Veda and the religion and promulgated the new faith among Indians of those times.
Also let us not forget here that the Tenth Mandala is proven to be the latest in the chronology of Rig Veda. From Nadistuti Sukta appearing in this mandala mentions Ganges and Yamuna prominently suggests clearly that the geography of the Rig Veda had shifted from Helmand to East India.
We can surmise that the present Vedic people of India are converts and no biological affinity with the original composers of the Rigveda. Why there is religious duality in the practices of Vedic people is because though they adopted Vedic religion they could not abandon their ancient faith as well!
The history that has been built on the false premise cannot stand forever. We need to look at Vedic religion from very different perspective and try to understand how it could have reached to its prominence though the adherents of that faith were always limited!

About the truth…an inquiry!

We speak about the truth, we expect the truth and we revere the truth as a highest principle of the human life. “Only Truth Shall win!” is an authentic slogan of Indian Republic. Most of the philosophies are centered on the principle of the truth. And we are yet to understand there cannot be absolute truth!
Human being is an emotional animal. His observations, his thinking and his actions are tainted with emotions. Thus it becomes relative truth. A truth about an incident may not be truth in the view of other observer as reference frame changes with person to person. There certainly are going to be contradictions in their statements about the same incident.
Truths are thus have been challenged for time to time and found some of them false in later studies or examinations.
Now, if the truth of human being is not eternal truth what is position of the truth in human life?
Truth is a feeling of being true about the statement one makes or feels. Feelings are associated with emotions. So we can say that truth of the human being is relative truth and not absolute truth!
As time progresses the truths people believe to be true can turn false someday, even science is no exception to this truth!
So can there be an absolute truth? Can there be an ultimate truth?
When we state death being an ultimate truth, but is it so? Is it proven beyond doubt that death really is death or just a transformation from one to other form? When we state birth is the truth, but do we know what do we mean by birth? Whether it was the moment when union of chromosomes in the mother’s womb was the starting point of the birth or the creation of chromosomes was the starting point of the birth? We never know. We take physical and observable birth as the truth while neglecting other factors associated with the truth.
Truth sounds a great virtue. Truth sounds like God ultimate to be revered and practiced. No matter how close we want to reach the core of the truth it elopes away from we the human beings as our perspective interrupts.
This does also mean that what we call untrue too may not be untrue. No one wanted to believe earth was round and not flat as people in ancient times believed as a truth. New invention sounded untrue to them till they were convinced.
Every religion claims their tenets are only true and divine. What other religions or their founders claim are untrue.
We want to believe in the truth we believe in! Everything else is untrue till we believe it to be untrue!
Then how we can reach ultimate and absolute truth?
Is there any way?
Can there be any truth that cannot be challenged?
We feel existence of the universe being true, but there are philosophies those tell us what we see is not the truth but an illusion! The true “True” is something different that cannot be experienced with physical body…only soul can experience it.
Again we find ourselves in a chaotic condition about the truth!
Relative truths cannot be absolute truths. Here we face interesting conjecture…if the absolute truth cannot be found by the human being, what is the status of the truth in human life? Do we live in entirely untrue conditions to which we think to be true? Can truth be modified?
No, whatever that can be modified cannot be true “Truth”.
To sum up, we cannot reach the ultimate truth, no matter how scientifically it is proven, because it always will be a relative truth…
Absolute truth never can come in the grasp of human being!

So ungrateful are the Indians!

There are many Indians those are still ungrateful to Mahatma. RSS being one of them, there are former untouchables too those love to abuse Mahatma with every breath. They have self invented justifications why Mahatma had to be assassinated. They keep on incessantly spreading false stories about him to defame him in the eyes of young generation. I know Mahatma was a man made of blood and flesh and he couldn’t have been perfect in everything. Still the heights of humanity, truth and non-violence he reached are beyond reach of any living human being of modern times.
Why attempts to defame him on false grounds are made constantly? In another article on this forum I had written the reason…his caste…his non being Vedic. In fact Gandhi revered Varna system of Vedic religion. He revered Vedic social system and for this former untouchables abuse him! But they forget he was bound by his times. He had to unite entire country irrespective of Varna or caste. He couldn’t have spoken against that system when religious sentiment was at its helm. Also they forget his all nationwide attempts to eradicate untouchability, his vow to attend only inter-caste marriages, his own actions of cleaning toilets and filth himself and his followers that was traditionally reserved for untouchables.
Former untouchables blame Gandhi for his rift with Dr. Ambedkar on the issue of separate electorates for untouchables and his fast to protest this demand. The people think Gandhi used fast as a weapon to deny rights of untouchables to have separate electorates. But they conveniently forget accepting the demand of separate electorates would further divide country. Till then separate electorates were given to Muslim’s only. Demand of separate electorates was based on Two-nation Theory. Gandhi was against it. He offered reserved electorates and gave more than what Dr. Ambedkar would have anticipated. People conveniently forget this fact. They blame Gandhi for the decision he took in the interest of Nation... and former untouchables!
Vedic people are no exception. They think they are set on highest social position by their religious accord. Gandhi to them always was non-Vedic. A Shudra having no right to claim any higher position in politics or social order couldn’t be a national leader in the eyes of conservative Vedic’s.
But they could not outright throw him out as he had proved him in foreign country like South Africa. Indians were welcoming him everywhere for his unique way of opposing rulers…non-cooperation…non-violence…
What they did, the conservative Vedic’s, is that they founded separate organization RSS, cutting themselves off Congress. They did not participate in freedom movement led by Gandhi. Deadly conservative like Savarkar was staunch opponent of Gandhi as he believed in armed revolution.
One fine day Gandhi was assassinated by one of the pupil of one Savarkar. It was inevitable. The justification for the murder was already in place. The reasons being rumored through books and articles and through whisper campaigns are as follows:
  1. Appeasement of Muslim community and being responsible for partition it was essential to kill him.
-This sounds very convincing to younger patriots those think partition is a wound in chest of the country.
Facts are entirely opposite. Attempts to kill Gandhi started in the year 1934. Second attempts were made in the year 1944 at different places by Nathuram Godse. There was no issue of partition or Rs. 55 crore to be given to Pakistan. When Gandhi finally was killed in the year 1948, Pakistan already in existence and killing Gandhi wouldn’t help. Rs. 55 crore was the dues those were to be paid according to international laws. India in no way could stop that payment. Gandhi’s fast was not to force Government to pay the dues but for entirely different reason…the riots.
Appeasement of Muslim had begun long before Gandhi entered Indian politics. Lucknow Pact was signed by Bal Tilak in 1916 granting separate electorates to the Muslims. I have not found any blaming Tilak for his being Islamist and first person to approve creation of Pakistan in future! Gandhi couldn’t reverse this situation. He prolonged it to find other solutions to the inevitable problems. He didn’t allow any separate electorate to any other community in India, no matter what the degree of opposition was!
So killing Gandhi was per-determined exercise. All the reasons are bogus and are being used to justify a heinous crime. Still defamation continues. “Hate Gandhi” campaign still continues to shroud a sin and turn villains to Hero’s…insane murderers to patriots…
And they are getting success day by day…!
So ungrateful are Indians!

Buddhism and Dr. Ambedkar

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
In an introduction to his scholarly written book, “The Buddha and His Dhamma”, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar had raised interesting questions on the fundamental tenets of Buddhism and had left them for probing to the coming generations. However it didn't happen as the book became so sacred to Ambedkar’s dedicated followers, Neo-Buddist's, that they completely neglected the issues raised by Dr. Ambedkar on the very religion! Here is an attempt to seek some answers to those queries.
  1. First question posed by Dr. Ambedkar is, why Buddha took Pavajja (Renunciation)? Traditional answer to this question is on a day he came across scene of death, ailing man and an old person, which made him think on the futility of the life.
Dr. Ambedkar do not accept the traditional explanation stating that it was impossible for a twenty nine year old prince to not have come across such a common phenomena occurring almost every passing moment throughout everybody’s life!
I agree with Dr. Ambedkar. We can see in the history of the religions various myths are created around the founders to elevate them in the eyes of the people. In my opinion it was difficult for the later Buddhists to explain the sudden renunciation of Buddha when he already had married to a beautiful woman and had an infant son when he left home unannounced. It was a cruel deed if judged on any moral ground. Hence it needed a strong logic to explain the deed of Buddha. This is why a story must have been created that Lord Buddha confronted three tragic episodes of the life on a single day that changed him suddenly and to seek answers to the inevitable he abandoned the family and mundane pleasures.
Superficially the story seems believable. Religious people don’t question. But an intelligent personality like Dr. Ambedkar, who was on the verge of embracing Buddhist faith with his millions of the followers, only could raise such vital question. It is agreeable that deed of Buddha, abandoning his sleeping wife and infant unannounced, in the middle of the night, was not a humanly act. However to justify his deed the clarification was given thorough the above myth.
However, not satisfied by this myth, Dr. Ambedkar creates another story to justify the act of Buddha's renunciation. According to this new myth Buddha left Shakya clan and his family to save Shakya and Koliya clan from the possible war between them over share of the river water. However this story also does not find any support from Buddhist literature.
2. Buddhism propounds four Noble Truths (Arya Satya) those include;
"This is the noble truth of dukkha (sorrow): birth is dukkha, aging is dukkha, illness is dukkha, death is dukkha; sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair are dukkha; union with what is displeasing is dukkha; separation from what is pleasing is dukkha; not to get what one wants is dukkha; in brief, the five aggregates subject to clinging are dukkha."
"This is the noble truth of the origin of dukkha: it is this craving which leads to renewed existence, accompanied by delight and lust, seeking delight here and there, which is, craving for sensual pleasures, craving for existence, craving for extermination."
"This is the noble truth of the cessation of dukkha: it is the remainderless fading away and cessation of that same craving, the giving up and relinquishing of it, freedom from it, nonreliance on it."
"This is the noble truth of the way leading to the cessation of dukkha: it is the Noble Eightfold Path; that is, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration."
It is said that this is the central doctrine of the Buddhism. However Dr. Ambedkar seems to be dissatisfied with this doctrine. According to him these principles are pessimistic in nature and cannot raise any hope in anybody if life to death and even Rebirth is suffering.
However it seems clearly that Dr. Ambedkar has not given much importance to the last two truths those clearly indicate “cessation of sorrow through Noble Eightfold Path”. Instead Dr. Ambedkar states that these noble truths are great hindrance for the non Buddhist to become Buddhist.
Still, the Noble Truths also can be criticized. First, according to this principle, everything is Dukkha…sorrow. Everything that man craves for is the sorrow. Craving for separation too is sorrow. If such is the case, even if one follows the Noble Eightfold Path, how he is going to get rid of the sorrow?
Cessation of suffering, it is said, is the cessation of all the unsatisfactory experiences and their causes in such a way that they can no longer occur again. It's the removal, the final absence, the cessation of those things, their non-arising. One can easily understand why Dr. Ambedkar didn’t give much importance to the cessation and Noble Eightfold Path. He asks rightly, if suffering is the base of the philosophy of this religion and which cannot promise any pleasure or hope then why at all this religion is needed?.
Dr. Ambedkar questions whether these principles are original tenets of Buddhism or later additions made by the unknown Bhikkhu’s? (Monks)
Here, we must consider a fact that though followers of any religion in later times do tend to add, remove or modify some principles of the religion to suite to their times or ever-changing needs, but hardly one can change the central doctrine. Buddha in his life seems to be a philosophically confused personality. Element of suffering he borrowed from Sankhya philosophers of his time and modified it to some extant. None else but the Four Noble Truths should be attributed to Buddha as his basic philosophy that has overwhelmed almost all the oldest Buddhist scriptures.
3. Dr. Ambedkar raises a serious question on the Buddhist concept of Soul, Deed and Rebirth. According to him, Buddha has denied existence of the Soul but is staunch believer in the deed (karma) and rebirth. This is a great paradox in Buddhist doctrine to which many answers have been proposed. Still, Dr. Ambedkar asks, if there is no Soul (Atma) how then there could be Rebirth? How there could be any act (deed) in an absence of the Soul?
This indeed is a valid question. There cannot be concept of rebirth in absence of the soul, though scholars have tried to find many explanations. From some scripts it seems that Buddha too had tried to find solution to this problem by raising counter questions, but not to the satisfaction. Existence of the soul is precondition to the concept of Rebirth.
Buddha does not meet this condition. This is a great lacuna in his basic philosophy. When I read Buddhist oldest scriptures, in fact I do not find much difference between Tripitaka’s or Jataka’s and Hindu Purana’s except mention of some Buddhist elements. All Vedic God’s keep on floating around in almost every story. Miracles too have occupied greater part of the Life of Buddha, though Buddhists claim Buddhism being scientific religion. That way Buddhism, as considered by the people in general, has not anything special to boast of. It has no independent philosophy to offer of its own.
DR. Ambedkar, though having serious doubts on Buddhism, had no choice but to embrace Buddhism, as Hinduism of those times (and to some extent even today) had crossed all the limits of inhuman practices of inequality and untouchability. Still a great scholar like him only could raise serious questions on a religion he was about to embrace with his millions of people!

Islam and terrorism!

Islam is one of the major Monotheist religion in the world, originally having its roots in Judaism. Islam in modern world has become a subject of aggressive criticism for its involvement in various kinds of terrorism. Surprisingly, the main historical source of terrorism, Judaism, hardly becomes a subject of criticism by the politicians and scholars of modern world. May it be because of the holocaust of twentieth century stops them to remind the world that the originators of the religious terrorism were none but Jews. suicide terrorism too is a sad gift of Judaism to the world.
Anyway, we will deal with this later sometime; at the present let us focus on Islam and its roots those have made Muslims of the World violently vindictive towards the non-Muslims.
Arabia before Islam
As Jews were pagan before they enveloped themselves in monotheism, Arabs too were pagan, worshiping variety of nature Gods. Every Arabian tribe had its own God or unique symbol to worship. Mecca was the main pilgrimage center of their religion where they would assemble once in the year to pay respect to their family deities/symbols those were kept at Mecca. They were about 360 in numbers. It is believed that some Hindu deities too were kept there among Arab deities at Mecca because Hindu traders too were frequent visitors to Arabia. Arabians this way were tolerant and secular people in those times.
The Arabians in a way were stone worshipers. Every clan having its own symbol as a deity to worship! “El”, hailing from pre-Judaism pagan religion too was worshiped by Arabians as a supreme God "Allah"!
Hajrat Mohammed
It is not known clearly that why Hajrat Mohammed wanted to establish a new religion. It is said that the revelations by an angel to Paigambar those have made present Koran is the main source of the Islam. Rationally it is hard to digest. This is because most of the basic principles of Islam are directly or indirectly seems to have been borrowed from Judaism and Christianity. Not only this, Hajrat acknowledged Jesus and Moses being previous Prophets and he being the last in the tradition.
This way there is theologically nothing new in Koran except the doctrine of social regulatory directions. Initially, as history suggests, Hajrat was quite a hopeful that Jews will be more inclined towards his new founded religion and will acknowledge him as the Prophet. May be that for this very reason he had linked bloodline of the Arab's to Moses through his new religion. In the beginning, Namajh, as instructed by Hajarat, was being performed facing the direction of Jerusalem…a holy direction. It seems this was done by Hajrat to entice Jews towards his religion.
But Jews didn't fall to the promise of the new self-declared Prophet. Indeed they remained engaged in the conflict against Christians, their sworn enemy and thoroughly neglected the eager Prophet.
Hajrat, thus enraged against Jews and their Holy Jerusalem, changed the direction of performing Namaj towards Mecca, holy city of the Arabians. Meanwhile thousands of the Jews were slain at his army’s hands. Still he believed in Mary and Christ. But Christians too stood as a great hurdle, not accepting Him as a Holy Prophet.
Thus, neither Jews nor Christians accepting him as a Prophet, what other way he had to accomplish His goals but to convert Arabians to his religion?
His raid on Mecca was an outcome of his desperation to spread a religion of whom he was self-declared Prophet! He had to destroy the ancient faiths to restore new ones as commanded by him.
Still this was not a easy affair. In this course, from experience may be, he knew ancient faiths are too difficult to eliminate.
Thus he did following things:
1. Mecca that was already a holy place for all and one Arabian tribes was acknowledged as Holy center of Islam!
2. The sacred stone-slab of Kaaba, that had been pinnacle of faith for all the Arabians from the ancient times was declared to be the highest sacrosanct central place of the Islam.
3. “Allah” a Holy word addressed to the Lord by all the Arabians, borrowed from pre-Judaism “El” (Al) was elevated to the only beneficent Lord, thus keeping tradition alive in new religion.
4. Allat, Al Ujha and Mannat, as described in Satanic Verses, were maintained in the new religion.
To be brief, Islam became mixture of the Pagan and monotheist religion. In fact there is no monotheist religion on this earth as the traditions hardly can be thrown away by the masses in entirety. Pagan elements can be easily detected in every monotheist religions.
So, when I think of Islam, I find nothing new in it as far theology is concerned. Philosophy is confused. some parts seems to be borrowed from the ancient tradition. The ideology is based upon the foundation of hatred against Christianity and Judaism and others those are idol worshipers.
This may sound strange when there is no slightest originality in a religion that totally breaths upon borrowed concepts claiming to be supreme over the religions of which it is off shoot!
I think may be Hajrat too knew the contradictions he had seeded in his religion.
Now, when one don’t want to be questioned of such contradictions, only way remains, make the things holiest of holiest and close all the doors for questioning to not only adherents of the religion but others as well!.
I think Islam did the same. Hajrat followed the path of his previous Prophets…compounding all elements of paganism in monotheism making a new package.
The seeds of religious terrorism were already sowed and sprouting between Judaism and Christianity…a new party joined the struggle for religious supremacy and that was Islam!
When we talk of western religions, their unending strife for supremacy over others, today's terrorism is an inevitable outcome of it. If we study carefully, none of the religion can claim of independent thought and origin of their religion. Some countries, because of their military and economic prowess, are in an attempt to crush the countries ruled by enemy religions. The countries those cannot face the calamities in open battlefields have resorted to terrorism. The history of Abrahamic religions is filled up with the gory and vindictive episodes. In a way Islamic terrorism has become moreover reactive because at least for the present Christian countries are far more powerful and are in constant process of exploiting and undermining the countries of their enemy religions.
The legacy still continues.
But to me there are very simple questions that always remain unanswered.
1. Whether there was any need to Hajrat to form a Religion which was not at all made out of indigenous theological concepts?
2. Wouldn’t be people of Arabia could have lived more peacefully with their ancient Pagan religion?
3. And wasn’t it meaningless to retain, no matter how few of Pagan elements, if at all a monotheist religion was in making?
Indeed the similar questions can be asked to all Abrahmic religions.
In the world, at the present and in the past so-called monotheist religions have been main source of the terrorism. The bloodbath still continues. one tolerant and secular Arab's gradually embraced to the intolerance and hatred is a fact that is a sad story of mankind!