Friday, March 4, 2016

Kanhaiya’s speech....and liberty....

I have gone through Kanhaiya’s speech he delivered at JNU after his release. It is albeit impressive. He knows how to talk in common mans language. He surely knows what touches the people the most. Like Mr. Modi, he has his style. He has his own ideology.  He has gone through unjust circumstances that led him to spend, unfortunately, almost a fortnight in jail. 

To innocent spending even a day in jail is an unbearable torture. It suddenly changes your world. Either jail makes you to introspect or makes you more hardened. Kanhaiya, fortunately, seemed more composed and rationale in his own way.

I am sure, Kanhaiya will get the much needed justice and judicially wiped out is the stigma of his being anti-national. Supporting him or the demand that it should be clear and well defined what is anti-national and what is not would be perfect intellectual move. 

Talking of poor and Mr. Modi’s false promises and freedom from all social evils is not new in our country. Many thinkers have spent their life to fight against such social evils and have tried to awaken Indian masses those are victims of them. There are many Modi-opponents those have been busy criticizing him on every given opportunity. That way Kanhaiya speech delivers nothing new but a stream of emotionally charged statements after statements before the audience that was excited and euphoric...for his long awaited release. 

Worry is youth and most of the intellectuals seem to have suddenly found their long awaited messiah in him. They are forgetting just few years ago Anna Hajare was their idol suddenly replaced by Kejariwal. Kejariwal too, at flip of eyelid, was replaced by Mr. Modi.  Desperate people are now in an attempt to find new idol which possibly may counter Mr. Modi and his anarchist saffron clout.

However, let us think, how one anarchist ideology can be defeated by other anarchist ideology? What good it can bring to our society? If saffron ideology is an evil, a globally proven fact is that communist ideology has proven to be worst evil.

To defeat fascist ideology one cannot and should not use equally worse ideology as a weapon is very much common sense.

Dr. Ambedkar never subscribed to the communist ideas. He preferred Buddha over Marx. But now there are nationwide attempts to mix both to attract downtrodden masses of India. Maoists too are busy doing the same. They want to hand you over the guns those can be turned towards tyrants, defined by them. Fascism and communism that way goes hand in hand.

It is our duty to know and understand that while fighting against some common enemy aren’t we making other enemy our partner out of our sheer ignorance and inability of understanding the tools we are using in our battle? Wrong tools may give us temporary success but are ultimately going to defeat us.

The danger ahead should be warned that if youth and some intellectuals find another idol in Kanhaiyya, they will meet with the same fate those had tried to find idol in Mr. Modi or in Mr. Kejariwal. We the Indians are idolatrous. We need some or other idol to see in him our ultimate salvation. We don’t want to trust in ourselves. We love to be, philosophic or political, slave of some or other idol.

Our quest is not for freedom but for idols. This habit has unfortunately doomed past, present and future.

If we want we want freedom from idols. We must have due respect for all the  good people, irrespective of their thought. We should have sympathy for them and we must fight out if any injustice is done to them. Euphoric intelligence can bring no better to us.

I stand for Kanhaiyya. I am with him for his freedom. I denounce the fabricated video clips those were doctored with evil intentions to implicate him. I feel sad that he had to spend weeks in police custody and jail because of our malfunctioning judiciary and politically motivated police force. I condemn the lawyers those physically attacked him.  

But if euphoric youth and intellectuals are trying to find new messiah in his form, I must warn that they are making serious mistake.

Way to the freedom is abandoning all the idols. We are yet not mature enough to understand what liberty is. Every attempt to find idol proves our inborn slavery. This may sound a harsh statement. But I am forced to state this because we are up to make another mistake.


  1. I have heard his speech and also his interview on national television channels. I was most unimpressed. The media has made him him a hero in 22 days.I am not a congressman or a BJP activist. But we as citizens of this country must accept that tax payers money is spent on JNU for the education of all these students and they cannot have their say in what ever they want. I salute the Judge who delivered the bail of Mr Kanhaiya and she had summed up the actual situation. I also have an appeal to the Advocates who are representing him in Delhi High Court. today you are defending him due politics. However he is a confused SFI activist who is only emotionally charged without practical solutions. He has never given a direct answer to many of the questions put to him on Afsul Guru or any such matters during the interview. he was very evasive. So please consul him to be a better citizen of India rather that shout slogans for Afsal Guru or tarnish the image of sodiers who guard our frontiers. He is able to organise such useless meetings because our soldiers are guarding the country. Let him not forget it