Friday, December 9, 2016

One Nation Theory for better tomorrow!

Since the primordial times till date mankind has gone through various transformations with the growing knowledge, intellect, inventions and innovations, thus changing political systems to suit the demand of his time. From nomadic Tribal social order to City-States, smaller republics, monarchist rules, Imperialism the journey mankind have reached to the present Nation-State order.
Now the world is divided amongst about two hundred countries. Different political philosophies, governing systems, laws, constitutions and social order has been adopted by the political systems those govern the concerned State. In some countries, religion plays a central role and often has become the subject of criticism for its intolerant and violent actions. Some countries, powerful enough to encroach on the sovereignty of the weaker independent Nations have spoiled the real meaning of the sovereignty. Continuous aggressions, through military or through economic interference for the benefit of the super-powers have become a normal routine. In a way, though we claim to be the most intelligent species on the Earth we hardly have found the true meaning of life, liberty to allow human intellect to actively work for the betterment of all the mankind.
We are sure that the entire mankind has emerged from a single ancestry. Though because of geographical constraints where human being settled for the long period, physical appearance has changed to which we call Race or Ethnic groups. Racism was the fraud of the intellectuals of the 18th century. Now the anthropologists have deleted the very word “Race” or racial distinction from the science. But we are so ignorant that we still believe in the age old theory of Races. We classify mankind in different races and claim to be superior or inferior over other Race.
The rise of the nation-State theory was based upon the hypothesis of common ethnic identities, culture, language and commonly shared territory. The very premise of the nation-state theory was false because it stood on the unscientific, false and unhistorical theory. Its fundamental assumptions were wrong. There has been no single culture that is independent of other cultures. In the course of the history, there have been blends of various cultures in a culture because of co-existence, migrations-emigrations, cultural exchanges, Trade and so on. Languages also have been influenced by some or other languages because of the above-stated reasons.That we speak the global language and we do have the global culture with spices of the local specialties and varieties.
Now we are in the process of rapid globalization. The world has become too small. We have started to understand each other better than ever. We know we share same sentiments. We know we all value life. We know we all desperately need the world where eternal peace and satisfaction exists. We don’t like aggressions or violations of human rights, no matter on which part of the globe such incidents do take place. We all pray for Malala. Entire world gets shocked when Twin Towers were attacked. Now we use any brand of our choice, not giving heed to which country is originated from.
Then still why should we need the world divided in different countries? Mankind has abolished many systems when realized their futility in the changed scenarios. Now the scenario has changed drastically. It will keep on changing. 
Hence this is the right time to walk towards an ultimate goal of making entire Globe a Nation. I am aware this is not an easy task. Power hungry politicians, expansionist monopolist capitalists, blindfolded religious hardcore fanatic groups would not like to happen this or they will demand why they should not rule the earth with their religious or economic principles? But it is mankind that ultimately shall find a way to defeat such evil forces and win. If we start walking in that direction now some or other day our generations can see the world they want to live in.
We need to spread awareness among common people throughout the globe. This is in a way freedom struggle of the Globe to get rid of outdated ideas of governments and constant strife between countries to prove superior over others, thus causing tensions in global human relations.
We need to pursue “One World One Nation” theory for better tomorrow.

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  1. The world was one under the worship of swastik [AUM in brahmi script]. All men in the 7 continents followed aum/swastik. Buddha talked of the lost ARYA dharma and his words are etched in stone at sarnath. Did u try to find the arya dharma which buddha spoke of? What is the difference between ved dharma and pauranik/tantrik dharma? do vedas allow idolatry, birth based caste system ??

    We lost the 'old world order' and now the Jesuit order of the roman catholic church is trying to build a global village or a NEW WORLD ORDER.