Friday, December 9, 2016

So ungrateful are the Indians!

There are many Indians those are still ungrateful to Mahatma. RSS being one of them, there are former untouchables too those love to abuse Mahatma with every breath. They have self invented justifications why Mahatma had to be assassinated. They keep on incessantly spreading false stories about him to defame him in the eyes of young generation. I know Mahatma was a man made of blood and flesh and he couldn’t have been perfect in everything. Still the heights of humanity, truth and non-violence he reached are beyond reach of any living human being of modern times.
Why attempts to defame him on false grounds are made constantly? In another article on this forum I had written the reason…his caste…his non being Vedic. In fact Gandhi revered Varna system of Vedic religion. He revered Vedic social system and for this former untouchables abuse him! But they forget he was bound by his times. He had to unite entire country irrespective of Varna or caste. He couldn’t have spoken against that system when religious sentiment was at its helm. Also they forget his all nationwide attempts to eradicate untouchability, his vow to attend only inter-caste marriages, his own actions of cleaning toilets and filth himself and his followers that was traditionally reserved for untouchables.
Former untouchables blame Gandhi for his rift with Dr. Ambedkar on the issue of separate electorates for untouchables and his fast to protest this demand. The people think Gandhi used fast as a weapon to deny rights of untouchables to have separate electorates. But they conveniently forget accepting the demand of separate electorates would further divide country. Till then separate electorates were given to Muslim’s only. Demand of separate electorates was based on Two-nation Theory. Gandhi was against it. He offered reserved electorates and gave more than what Dr. Ambedkar would have anticipated. People conveniently forget this fact. They blame Gandhi for the decision he took in the interest of Nation... and former untouchables!
Vedic people are no exception. They think they are set on highest social position by their religious accord. Gandhi to them always was non-Vedic. A Shudra having no right to claim any higher position in politics or social order couldn’t be a national leader in the eyes of conservative Vedic’s.
But they could not outright throw him out as he had proved him in foreign country like South Africa. Indians were welcoming him everywhere for his unique way of opposing rulers…non-cooperation…non-violence…
What they did, the conservative Vedic’s, is that they founded separate organization RSS, cutting themselves off Congress. They did not participate in freedom movement led by Gandhi. Deadly conservative like Savarkar was staunch opponent of Gandhi as he believed in armed revolution.
One fine day Gandhi was assassinated by one of the pupil of one Savarkar. It was inevitable. The justification for the murder was already in place. The reasons being rumored through books and articles and through whisper campaigns are as follows:
  1. Appeasement of Muslim community and being responsible for partition it was essential to kill him.
-This sounds very convincing to younger patriots those think partition is a wound in chest of the country.
Facts are entirely opposite. Attempts to kill Gandhi started in the year 1934. Second attempts were made in the year 1944 at different places by Nathuram Godse. There was no issue of partition or Rs. 55 crore to be given to Pakistan. When Gandhi finally was killed in the year 1948, Pakistan already in existence and killing Gandhi wouldn’t help. Rs. 55 crore was the dues those were to be paid according to international laws. India in no way could stop that payment. Gandhi’s fast was not to force Government to pay the dues but for entirely different reason…the riots.
Appeasement of Muslim had begun long before Gandhi entered Indian politics. Lucknow Pact was signed by Bal Tilak in 1916 granting separate electorates to the Muslims. I have not found any blaming Tilak for his being Islamist and first person to approve creation of Pakistan in future! Gandhi couldn’t reverse this situation. He prolonged it to find other solutions to the inevitable problems. He didn’t allow any separate electorate to any other community in India, no matter what the degree of opposition was!
So killing Gandhi was per-determined exercise. All the reasons are bogus and are being used to justify a heinous crime. Still defamation continues. “Hate Gandhi” campaign still continues to shroud a sin and turn villains to Hero’s…insane murderers to patriots…
And they are getting success day by day…!
So ungrateful are Indians!

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