Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Towards the Nation of "mind-dead's"?

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BJP has been a gang of the people that wants the people of India should accept their definitions on culture and nationalism without raising any doubt. RSS, their mother organization has been recklessly and tirelessly pushing their Vedic thought under the disguise of “Hindutva” to amass innocent and ignorant Hindus those know not RSS’ true designs. Its numerous tentacles, BJP is one of them, have penetrated all walks of life and silently spreading their venom.

The roots of  RSS are in fascist ideology. Vedic Aryanism is the core of this blended fascism which got rooted in India after their endless efforts. They could succeed because they have taken the veil of the Hinduism. Innocent Hindus do not know what difference is between Vedicism and Hinduism. Vedic was always an independent religion. Its core fundamentals are different that stands upon the principles of the inequality. The Vedic supremacy over the masses had to be regained in democratic and awakening India. Vedic intrusion in Hindu religion was a successful mission that helped them to enjoy Vedic supremacy till the end of last millennium. In democratic India, they had to search for other means to maintain that. RSS was a natural output of those efforts.

Now, the efforts have proved successful beyond their imagination. Economic growth or no growth of the country, cultural supremacy has been their ultimate goal that we can notice from the increasing onslaught of forcing their ideas of culture and nationalism on the people. What culture they talk of? They talk of Vedic culture that always was narrow-minded, considering rest of the people their subordinates, boasting of false glories and creating fear in the minds of the opponents, false propaganda has always been their tool to achieve their goals. Twisting language to prove anything that is false true is their inimitable skill.

What they want? They are not for freedom to express. They are not for equality. They are not for the fraternity. Thus, they are not for the present constitution. They are poisoning social fabric of the nation in an order to make India of “mind-dead” people where no one is allowed to think independently and express freely.

The danger is not that economy is slowing down. Danger is not that the statistics are fabricated to make one feel good when it is not. Danger is, they are enveloping political scenario in such a fast pace that the democracy itself is in danger. People have started loving lies. People have started loving the misconceptive nationalism. The power hungry tenuous people are rushing to join hands with them. The social divide is managed in such a smart way that the people are left with no option but to vote for them. The ignorant fools of the opposition still are groping in the dark. Awestruck they are and not knowing why this sudden shift is taking place in Indian society. They too have become “Mind-Dead”.

This is what Vedicist always wanted and now it is happening. We have to stop from becoming “mind-dead” or we will too willfully become subordinate partners to their regime.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Students activism...leading where?

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Students active participation in political or social activities be always welcome. It also can be expected that the students should form their own opinions, ideas and dreams about their own future to shape the country they want. This free atmosphere in university/college campus should prevail allowing the students to make their own minds without any outside deliberate influences.

However, it is always seen that the students are misused by the political parties for their own gain. “Catch them young” is a well-practiced slogan This creates the clones out of the students those become carrier of the thoughts those are not their own. Rather the thinking process of the students becomes conditioned, so much so that they many a times becomes martyrs of the ideologies.

Almost every political party has their own student organizations and try to attract the students in their fold. Once admitted the student lose his own identity and becomes an activist for the cause of the party. In this process, the original thinking process of the student is killed. Their freedom is lost forever. 

Leftist or rightist or others have deliberately run the factories to manufacture identical dolls out of the students. The outside political conflicts are vehemently, some times violently, fought in the university campus’. The present row between rightist ABVP and leftist SFS is an outcome of the sheer political game and students have fallen prey to it. Blaming any will yield no satisfactory outcome. Instead, we have to go to the root causes of it!

The sloganeering by the leftist is labeled as anti-national. Kanhaiya’s rise on political front was an outcome of that. First of all there is no proper definition, what anti-national is! First of all, RSS do not have any definition of the nation and nationalism.  Communists are bad but RSS too is equally bad when it comes to the nation and nationalism. Both are confused. The leftist youth, thinking they are rebellious touch the irrelevant and explosive subjects many a times causing unrest among the students of other folds.

The ABVP students think only they have right to define nationalism. They want to force their Vedic cultural nationalism on almost everything and whatever is written or spoken against is labeled as antinationalism. From where this thought process has penetrated is well known to all. The present government has boosted ABVP's ill-moral that too often triggers violence. 

Have students not their own thinking? Have students not any ability to develop and explore their own ideology that may shape future of the country of their own dreams?  Why students are afraid of thinking independently? Why they want to become pawns of the currunt politics instead of forcing it to change in the direction the future generations want? Have students lost their all originality?

In fact, university campus’ should be a major source of intellectual energy that can influence the societies across the country. However, we can see, opposite is happening. The students have become mere tools in the hands of outdated intellectualisms that have no ability to expand beyond and explore new horizons. No matter what ideaology is preffered by the student, why he should not act upon his own without allowing outsider forces to rule him?

Presently, all the student movements have become shallow, abusive and sometimes violent. Leftist or rightist, no exception. A kind of dictatorial mindsets are shaping which is not a good sign for the future of the nation. Hence spurting creativities of the youth are absent from all the campus’. Instead, we find anarchical thought processes at work leading to the chaos in intellectualism of India. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Make NOTA effective...please sign

There cannot be any doubt that we need strong electoral reforms. We have to empower the voter to strengthen our democracy. Right away we experience mockery of the democracy because most of the elected contesters have the criminal and immoral background and the voter have no choice but to vote for this or that candidate. 

NOTA was introduced after SC's intervention, but NOTA votes make no impact on the results. They only have symbolic value and a way to express dissatisfaction over the candidates. But if we go through the following points it will be clear that NOTA votes should be counted and deducted from the overall positive votes before declaring the results.

1. If the voter has right to cast positive vote, why he shouldn’t have right to caste negative vote that will be counted and make effect on the election result? One way traffic, the way at present we have, is against principles of the democracy. If one has right to chose he should also have right to reject.

2. There is no check over political parties while they chose their contestant candidates. They often are criminals, corrupt, black money hoarders or family politicians. Voter has no say in that selection process. There is no threat to the parties for they are sure some or other certainly will win. If NOTA is made effective, they will have to become very careful while declaring their candidates.

3. It does not make us democratic because we can vote once in five years and become mute spectators till the next election. Our democracy of feudal lords is an outcome of our flawed election system. Voter is powerless and almost taken for granted element in the overall process. 

4. It may be argued that instead of NOTA (casting negative vote and ruin election process) why dissatisfied voter should not contest and be a part of process? The very idea is impracticable and ineffective. After all it is not going to make any major impact on the election results, no matter how many such independent contestants are in the electoral ring. 

5. How to ban those leaders who are most corrupt, immoral and criminal from contesting one after other election? It can be argued that in democracy everyone has right to contest. Yes, but then voters should also have right to reject such people, making them difficult or impossible to contest at least one election. Isn’t this a best democratic way to stop or at the least limit the criminalization of our politics? 

6. With present system, voter is not a king but mere a pawn of the system for he has either limited or no choice but just to vote, forget and repent. 

7. Why there should be ineffective NOTA button on EVM’s if they are not going to make any effect? This is cheating in a way if thought carefully. Every vote, negative or positive should count or just remove negative vote button! Why waste space?

8. Voter has to be empowered. One way traffic no longer should remain in the system. Making NOTA effective is one small reform that we should pursue. This will restrict the most corrupts from contesting the elections and win to ruin the democratic system. Voter must have a strong say in favor or against in the election system which is counted. 

We have to win. We all should endeavor to make thousands of citizens sign this petition. I request you all to help. Kindly visit the following link and vote...


Thanking you,
Sanjay Sonawani

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ancient Indian Coins tell the cultural history!

In the last the article we had discussed the symbolism on ancient Indian coins from 7th  century BC till 350 BC. During this period we do not find any legends marked on the coins. The reason must be that the coin making system was still in infancy. Mints still were not in practice.

The Advent of Greeks had made an artistically great impact on later coins. Since third century BC onwards busts or images of the kings, their names and legends along with their revered Gods can be seen on both the sides of the coins of north and central India. Before we enter into the discussion on the symbols and the language along with scripts used on the coins of Greek, Scythian, Bactrian and Indian Kings/republics I would like to state that in Taxila region coins were called “PanNa”.

We are aware that Taxila region (eastern part of Gandhara) is part of the Indus Valley Civilization where sea-farer trading community called Pani’s was settled. Since they were traders the coins issued by them used to be called as PaNa. Till second century BCE coins in that region were called PaNa. It does mean that Pani’s right from Indus culture era (3100 BC) still were in the business. Pani’s were Non-Vedic community from ancient times. We find in Rig Vedic verses how Vedics nourished hatred towards them. However, we also can find that in the era of decline of Vedic religion, the Vedics accepted donations from them as well and composed verses in their praise! 

On Taxila bent bar coins we find six petal flowers. On later the coins we can note the influence of the Greek style in punching the coins.

On the Mauryan coins, before advent of the Greeks, we find Sun sign been present on all the coins. No legend is marked on them. Also, three arrow sign with Y shape marked between the arrows too remains constant with slight change in the design. Apart from that we can find different Banker Marks embedded on the coins. This does mean that Chandragupta Maurya and his people of Magadha region still remains Sun Worshippers.

We come across one unique coin that has three male (?) figures embedded along with five crescent moons on the obverse side of the coin. The interesting thing is headdress significantly resembles with the Indus headdresses, indicating the Indus cultural continuity. What symbolism appears on the coins are related to Tantra (Agamic) and not Vedic!
We do not find any influence of Buddhism on the social mindset till the period of Ashoka. From Ashoka times we find images of Chaitya sign gradually replacing Sun sign suggesting the shift of the religious faith of the kings and the bankers.

During the period of Mauryan Empire, we find various forms of the Prakrit (Gandhari Prakrit on Gandhara coins or Sindhi Prakrit on Taxila coins.) For example, Gandhari “Nekama” in Sindhi Prakrit becomes Negama. The distinct linguistic difference has been well recorded by Cunningham. Though Ashoka coins have used Brahmi script mostly, for north western regions he has used Kharoshthi script.

 After fall of the Maurya Empire in Northern India arose many republic states such as Audumbara, Malava, Youdheya, Kuninda etc. The republic coins came into the circulation about 150 BC. In Republic states we find Shaivait faith being in practice in these regions through the images imbibed on the coins.

Audumbara Republic is now connected with present Kangra region by the scholars. Shaivait symbols seem to be replaced now by the image of Lord Shiva. Tiger skin wrapped Shiva is shown standing with his one arm upright image is common on Audmbara coins. The legend in Pali language “Mahadevasa Rajna Dhaaraaghosasna odumbarisa” is inscribed on the reverse side of the Dharaghosa coins. On the coins of King Mahadeva are shown trident and elephant and on the reverse the legend “Bhagavata Mahadevasa Rajarajna”.

Interestingly, in first BC Audumbara coin, we find Shiva temple image. This could be the first image of the ancient temple that indicates simple temple architecture has ancient origins than thought before. It was disputed before by the scholars whether this image belongs to the Shiva Temple or Buddhist shrine/stupa. But the Trident, battle axe and serpent symbols have confirmed that indeed this is the image of the Shiva temple. You may like to read this article...http://www.ijifr.com/pdfsave/28-06-2015446V2-E10-068.pdf

Also from the legend, we can deduce that the term “Bhagavata” originally was not connected with Vaishnavait cult. vaishnavait cult borowd many concepts from ancient Pancharatra cult that was completely non-Vedic. 
On Kuninda (sometimes called as Kulinda) coins we find the influence of Buddhism along with Shavism altogether. Kuninda republic is connected with the present region of Satlaj River and the hilly region around it.

On the Kuninda coins, Dhammachakra and Chaitya symbols are embedded. The legends too are in Prakrit language. For example, on Amoghbhuti’s coins, the legend at reverse side of the coin is “Rajna Kunindasa Amoghabhutisaa Mahaaraajasa”

On some coins Shiva is shown standing, holding a trident in one hand and tiger skin in other. On the backside horn, snake and also is Chaitya sign. The legend is in Prakrit. 

Also, there are many coins found having Bodhi Tree and Bull symbols together showing both the religions were practiced simultaneously in Kuninda republic.

 Yaudheya Republic (or federation) has been in limelight since pre-Alexander era. Yaudheya’s were famous for their bravery and battle skills. They also are mentioned in epic Mahabharata and Astadhyayi of Panini. This indicates that the time of Panini is certainly post-Mauryan. They had participated Mahabharata war. The Yaudheya people were Shaivait throughout which reflects on their coinage. 

Yaudheyas were settled between Indus and Gangetic region. Until the times of Rudradaman, Yaudheyas were dominant warrior tribe in North India. On most of the Yaudheya coins we find image of Kumar Kartikeya. We find the first trace of Hybrid Sanskrit on Yaudheya coins in form of “Yaudhey ganasya  jaya” (1st Century AD.) Since, Yaudheya coins use hybrid Sanskrit, time of Panini can be fixed even later than 1st century AD.

What we significantly can note is that we find nowhere Vedic symbolism. Had there been ever Vedic age, we somewhere should have noticed its presence on the coins. Had Sanskrit been in existence, there should have been its presence on coins as well. We find only developing state of the Sanskrit from Prakrit on Yaudheya coins. Elsewhere, a variety of Prakrits is well present in the legends.

It does mean that highly glorified Vedic era is well-nourished myth having no iota of truth in it. The Vedic presence had been insignificant in political circles throughout the country. The Vedic era seems to have become prominent only after the rise of the Gupta power. In next chapter, we shall see how the symbolism gradually changed to show Vedic presence in Indian coinage. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Evils of the economic systems!

In the socialist or communist system, the government tends to control the lives of the people. The maximum interference in human life becomes inevitable in such system. This system closes doors to human creativity and so prosperity because so many restrictions on the personal property and productivity are mercilessly imposed on the people.

The opponents of the socialist approach advocate free economy where the individuals will be less governed providing them the wider scope of liberty. The role of the government is expected to be minimized in this system. It is true that the liberty can open many doors to the opportunities and creativity. Self-motivation becomes the valued asset in such system which leads to the more coherent life. Rather this system preserves more human values than any other system.

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However, this system too poses some problems. The human mind, here too, is constantly governed by the external forces. Rather we can say that the free economy is created to control the minds and behavioral patterns of the people using the modern devices.  

Psychologies of the people are artificially influenced so much so that the people try to find the meaning of the life in enforced and confined ideas about life. Free economy not always ‘free’. It too has its own evils. The main challenge before the liberals is how to encounter these problems.  If ideas of the liberty are not the product of the individuals, if they are enforced by the external forces the very meaning of the liberty will be lost.

The encroachment on the liberty can be manifold in the liberal economy also. They are albeit subtle and sometimes not even noticeable, but still, they play a major role in human life.

For example, we can say attempts in molding the ideas, habits, thinking patterns, goals or even choices are kind of encroachments on the human liberty. At present the thinkers, historians, corporate houses, media etc. have become a medium of changing the psychological patterns of the people to their or somebody’s benefit. Rather this is another attempt to govern the human mind without giving a chance to decide what really one thinks or wants. The choices are commanded from the offered choices. We cannot say safely that no exploitation is possible in the free economy because the whole system works on exploitation, may it be any.

The prime objective of the economy is the creation of the wealth. Ownership of the wealth in the communist system goes to the State on behalf of the people. In a free economy, ownership of the wealth belongs to the individuals. No other motivational incentive can be other than owning the wealth without any hassle. That way liberty respects individuality. However, the individuality no longer remains individual as the driving forces of the economy work on a fundamental element and that is profit.

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Profit is not bad, but knowing not how much is enough is bad. The system works to design human minds in either way to reach their goals. All of sudden we find something out of blue is being glorified and we fall for it knowing not what true pleasures it can bring to our life.  This happens in both the systems. Both the systems work for enslaving the human being either physically or psychologically. We fail to understand what objectives really we have for our life. The free economy is the worst devil in this sense.

So, while we prefer liberty over socialism or other counterparts, we have to see how we can preserve our own liberty in a liberal environment. The only liberal environment is not enough, we need our own means to stop the onslaught of the external forces those can shape our minds the way they desire. If we do not want any government controlling our lives, we do not want anything that may control our minds.

Hence new economic order, beyond the free or controlled economy, has to be invented and implemented without the interference of outside forces.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Zionist terrorism

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Hitler was the blot on the humanity. Stalin too was no exception when it comes to the racial violence against Jews. The tormenting tortures that Jews had to suffer are a sad saga of human history. However, Germany and Russia were not only countries those were against the Jews. If we look back at the history, we can see the Jews have been engaged in constant strife with the others and also suffered humiliation and tortures since the inception of Jusaism across the European and Semitic countries.

Under Judaism, the Hebrew were united. Their expulsion from Egypt is said to be the main reason why Abraham formed a monotheist religion. The Old Testament provides various tenets of terrorism. rather it can be said that this is the first religion that sanctioned terrorism. The rise of terrorism amongst Jews was an outcome of their geopolitical conditions and a need to fight out powerful enemy tribes. They chose Yahweh as their supreme God from the existing pagan deities. The initial enmity between Egyptians and Jews took violent mode soon after the foundation of Judaism. Also, all the tribes that followed Paganism too became their enemies. Jews applied terrorism when they found that they cannot win their enemies on the battlefields. Suicide terrorism too was invented by Jews to assassinate powerful opponents. 

Israel, the holy land, according to the Old Testament, was gifted to the Jews by Yahweh. According to them, the first human race appearing on the earth was Jews, children of Adam. Rest of the human race was impure to them. Right from Hittite to Amorite tribes were inferior to the Jews and hence their temples were worth destroying. In fact, whatever we find in Quran and blame it for the destructive commands, the root can be traced back to the Old Testament. You may check, for instance, Deuteronomy 7 and 20 for such inhuman terrorist commands.

Suicide terrorism was invented by the Jews and recently too we find the suicide squad of LTTE was trained by the MOSSAD.

Israel never ever was the land of peace. Jesus Christ was a Jew and died as a Jew, but his reforms were unwelcomed by the Jews. Rather they chose to consent his crucifixion instead of robber called Barabbas. The land was attacked by Babylonians in 587 AD and the temple built by Solomon was destroyed. Right from the times of Alexander, Israel seldom enjoyed political freedom. The rise of Islam was another calamity to the Jews. We also know the era of crusades, where Muslim, Jews and Christians fought vehemently over the ownership of Jerusalem. The entire episode of the crusades is filled up with the bloodbath. The Jews dispersed across the globe for survival. The holy land slipped from their hands forcing them to live the life of banished.

Jew (and Israel) is only community that possesses the blind faith in their gifted holy land, race and the language. Wherever Jew might go in the world, their nation is only Israel. This is why Jews never ever could mingle with the other societies those sheltered them. The exiled people normally choose to trade and banking for life and the Jews were and yet are born experts in both. Hitler could direct attacks on the Jews because they were rich. Diverting the hatred of the pauper Germans towards them was easy for Hitler. Rather the Jews had become a despised community in the world. Not that the Jews were always at fault, but the lifestyle they chose was reasonably responsible for their being secluded and despised.

USA, after World War (II) chose to re-establish Israel. Till then the geopolitical and religious equations were drastically changed. In a way, Israel was forced on the Arab lands. However global sympathy was with the Jews after the horror stories of the brutalities exacted on them were out. Hence the initial protest was mild,. But Jews resorted to the terrorism even before the new Israel was established. On 2nd July 1946,  IRGUN assassinated 91 people in King David hotel attack. Then appeared Stern gang. Dere Yasin massacre took place on 9th April 1948 in which about 260 Arabs were brutally killed. Many more assaults were conducted by the Jew terrorist organizations and it was State-supported terrorism. In a way, Israel soon became a center of tension. In bold moves, Israel declared wars against many other surrounding countries, even claimed ownership over the Suez Canal.

Gaza strip is under encroachment of Israel. Palestine now is desperately trying to counter this encroachment.  It is geopolitical need of USA to keep Middle East burning and Israel has become their weapon in doing so. Hardcore nationalism of the Jews is worshiped in India by some sections, but let us not forget that this nationalism is an outcome of the racial pride and sheer vengeance. What Hitler or Stalin did is condemnable, but it doesn’t give sanction to the Zionist terrorism.

While blaming Muslim terrorism, in the Middle East, we cannot segregate the Jew terrorism. Both are the enemies of the global society and peace. Zionist terrorism has the ancient history, rather it was first religion to propagate terrorism. We have to consider all aspects of the terrorism before blaming one or other religion! The role of USA needs to be checked on this background.  

Monday, February 13, 2017

Solving the Vedic riddle!

To solve the riddle of Sarasvati River and original geography of the Vedic people we have to pay sufficient attention towards Zoroaster and Avesta. As Vedic period is based on many hypotheses ranging from 6000 BC to 1500 BC, the same has happened with Zoroaster and Avesta. There is no certainty of the period of composition of both the religious scripts. We too will skip for a while the issue of the period and try to look into the matter of similarities and dissimilarities in both the religions and the reasons thereof.

Zoroastrian religion is centered on “Ahur Mazda” concept, a supreme power that governs the universe with its moral code.   Ahur is equivalent to Vedic “Asura” as “S” turns to “H” in Avestan language. When Ahur is the supreme power in Avestan religion, Daeva (Div or Deva) represents an evil power or vices.

Let us focus first on these concepts around which two religions are centered. Ahur (Asura) is a praiseworthy concept to the Avesta whereas Vedic people seem to have given it an opposite meaning. Asura’s are evil, vicious and greedy element for the Vedic people. Indra, for example, a God to the Vedic’s whereas his equivalent counterpart of Avesta is “Angra Mainyu” who represents destructive or evil mind. Angra Mainyu is an enemy of Zoroaster himself. Angra here means destructive whereas Mainue represents mind, i.e. destructive mind.

From above brief it seems that both the religions had similar deities with opposite attributes.  Daeva’s are bad in Avestan terminology whereas they are praised in Vedic texts. Ahura is a supreme power to the Zoroaster whereas Asuras are bad, evil and destructive elements to the Vedic people.

It may appear from the above that both the religions held tremendous enmity, taking an opposite path of each other, though the basics didn't change.  Considering the similarity in religious rituals, such as “Yadnya” and “Yasna”, threading ceremony etc., we also cannot be in the position to state that both the religions evolved independently in different regions.

Were they really sworn enemies from very beginning?  It doesn’t seem so from the available proofs.  At the least in the beginning of Vedic religion, both the societies seem to follow almost the same idea about Ahur (Asura) concept.  It appears that there must be the close affinity between both the religions and its adherers because of the following:

1.     The word “Asur” appears in Rig Veda for 105 times. 90 times it has been used as synonym of Gods. Most of the time it is main epithet of Vedic God Varuna, Indra, Agni and even Mitra’s.
2.     Both the religions worship their divinities through fire sacrifice, though the nature of the both is slightly different.
3.     It is claimed in the Vedic literature that Asuras were elder brothers of Devas and that Devas stole fire sacrifice from Asuras.
4.     We find mention of many Avestan personalities and tribes in Rig Veda, including Zoroaster.
5.     Linguistic affinity is so much so that both languages are almost twin languages. Vedic language was modified in the later course of the time, but it safely can be stated that the original language of Rig Veda was as similar as of Avesta.

And example can be cited here how the language of the Avesta can easily be rendered in to Sanskrit-

tem amavantem yazatem
surem d
amohu seviytem
mithrem yaz
ai zaothrabyo
'Mithra that strong mighty angel, most beneficent to all creatures, I will worship with libations'.

Becomes when rendered word for word in Sanskrit:
tam amavantam yajatam
yuram dhamasu yavistham
am yajai hotrabhyah

6.     The geography mentioned in the Avesta too is similar with the geography of Rig Veda, including river names like Rasa (Raha), Sarasvati (Harahvati) etc. and their descriptions.

There are many similarities that indicate the Vedic religion was originally the offshoot of Asura (Ahura) centered religion that gradually formed the sense of enmity against Zoroastrians that resulted in distorting the characters of enemy deities. In the beginning saga we find the both regions fighting together with common enemies, however, the battle of ten kings indicate that the cordial relations had come to an end.

It clearly seems that the enmity in both the groups grew over religious or political supremacy. It went to such an extent that the Vedic religion finally was routed out of the land of its origin. Under the leadership of Videgh Mathava (see Shatpath Brahman) handful of the Vedics had to find refuge in the Indus valley and then spread their religion elsewhere by missionary practice. The later Vedic mythologies do clearly indicate the long lasted struggle between Devas and Asuras. It is clear that the Asuras (Zoroastrians) subjugated the Vedics and forced the staunch adherents out, while forcibly converting the rest. In the later course of the time, Zoroastrians too had to meet with same fate. They too had to desert their land of origin.

It would appear from above that trying to find the River Sarasvati in Indian lands will be like trying to find Volga in India. May it be that the Vedics had tremendous affection towards that river and that in an attempt to prove Vedics being indigenous they are trying hard to twist the proofs to declare Ghaggar River as Sarasvati.

It may satiate the false egos of the few but the facts cannot change. The idea of being indigenous or outsider in itself is bad. Buddhas religion spread in the world only by missionary practice whereas it had become extinct in its land of the origin. Zoroastrians and Vedics met with the same fate in the remote times.

Hence, we can conclude that the time of the Rig Veda and the Avesta is same, whatever it may be. Both were rival religions though both had same root. Linguistically also we find close affinity in both the religious script. Geography of the Avesta and Rig Veda cannot be distant and hence finding river Sarasvati elsewhere is of no use.