Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Evils of the economic systems!

In the socialist or communist system, the government tends to control the lives of the people. The maximum interference in human life becomes inevitable in such system. This system closes doors to human creativity and so prosperity because so many restrictions on the personal property and productivity are mercilessly imposed on the people.

The opponents of the socialist approach advocate free economy where the individuals will be less governed providing them the wider scope of liberty. The role of the government is expected to be minimized in this system. It is true that the liberty can open many doors to the opportunities and creativity. Self-motivation becomes the valued asset in such system which leads to the more coherent life. Rather this system preserves more human values than any other system.

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However, this system too poses some problems. The human mind, here too, is constantly governed by the external forces. Rather we can say that the free economy is created to control the minds and behavioral patterns of the people using the modern devices.  

Psychologies of the people are artificially influenced so much so that the people try to find the meaning of the life in enforced and confined ideas about life. Free economy not always ‘free’. It too has its own evils. The main challenge before the liberals is how to encounter these problems.  If ideas of the liberty are not the product of the individuals, if they are enforced by the external forces the very meaning of the liberty will be lost.

The encroachment on the liberty can be manifold in the liberal economy also. They are albeit subtle and sometimes not even noticeable, but still, they play a major role in human life.

For example, we can say attempts in molding the ideas, habits, thinking patterns, goals or even choices are kind of encroachments on the human liberty. At present the thinkers, historians, corporate houses, media etc. have become a medium of changing the psychological patterns of the people to their or somebody’s benefit. Rather this is another attempt to govern the human mind without giving a chance to decide what really one thinks or wants. The choices are commanded from the offered choices. We cannot say safely that no exploitation is possible in the free economy because the whole system works on exploitation, may it be any.

The prime objective of the economy is the creation of the wealth. Ownership of the wealth in the communist system goes to the State on behalf of the people. In a free economy, ownership of the wealth belongs to the individuals. No other motivational incentive can be other than owning the wealth without any hassle. That way liberty respects individuality. However, the individuality no longer remains individual as the driving forces of the economy work on a fundamental element and that is profit.

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Profit is not bad, but knowing not how much is enough is bad. The system works to design human minds in either way to reach their goals. All of sudden we find something out of blue is being glorified and we fall for it knowing not what true pleasures it can bring to our life.  This happens in both the systems. Both the systems work for enslaving the human being either physically or psychologically. We fail to understand what objectives really we have for our life. The free economy is the worst devil in this sense.

So, while we prefer liberty over socialism or other counterparts, we have to see how we can preserve our own liberty in a liberal environment. The only liberal environment is not enough, we need our own means to stop the onslaught of the external forces those can shape our minds the way they desire. If we do not want any government controlling our lives, we do not want anything that may control our minds.

Hence new economic order, beyond the free or controlled economy, has to be invented and implemented without the interference of outside forces.  

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