Friday, February 24, 2017

Make NOTA effective...please sign

There cannot be any doubt that we need strong electoral reforms. We have to empower the voter to strengthen our democracy. Right away we experience mockery of the democracy because most of the elected contesters have the criminal and immoral background and the voter have no choice but to vote for this or that candidate. 

NOTA was introduced after SC's intervention, but NOTA votes make no impact on the results. They only have symbolic value and a way to express dissatisfaction over the candidates. But if we go through the following points it will be clear that NOTA votes should be counted and deducted from the overall positive votes before declaring the results.

1. If the voter has right to cast positive vote, why he shouldn’t have right to caste negative vote that will be counted and make effect on the election result? One way traffic, the way at present we have, is against principles of the democracy. If one has right to chose he should also have right to reject.

2. There is no check over political parties while they chose their contestant candidates. They often are criminals, corrupt, black money hoarders or family politicians. Voter has no say in that selection process. There is no threat to the parties for they are sure some or other certainly will win. If NOTA is made effective, they will have to become very careful while declaring their candidates.

3. It does not make us democratic because we can vote once in five years and become mute spectators till the next election. Our democracy of feudal lords is an outcome of our flawed election system. Voter is powerless and almost taken for granted element in the overall process. 

4. It may be argued that instead of NOTA (casting negative vote and ruin election process) why dissatisfied voter should not contest and be a part of process? The very idea is impracticable and ineffective. After all it is not going to make any major impact on the election results, no matter how many such independent contestants are in the electoral ring. 

5. How to ban those leaders who are most corrupt, immoral and criminal from contesting one after other election? It can be argued that in democracy everyone has right to contest. Yes, but then voters should also have right to reject such people, making them difficult or impossible to contest at least one election. Isn’t this a best democratic way to stop or at the least limit the criminalization of our politics? 

6. With present system, voter is not a king but mere a pawn of the system for he has either limited or no choice but just to vote, forget and repent. 

7. Why there should be ineffective NOTA button on EVM’s if they are not going to make any effect? This is cheating in a way if thought carefully. Every vote, negative or positive should count or just remove negative vote button! Why waste space?

8. Voter has to be empowered. One way traffic no longer should remain in the system. Making NOTA effective is one small reform that we should pursue. This will restrict the most corrupts from contesting the elections and win to ruin the democratic system. Voter must have a strong say in favor or against in the election system which is counted. 

We have to win. We all should endeavor to make thousands of citizens sign this petition. I request you all to help. Kindly visit the following link and vote...

Thanking you,
Sanjay Sonawani

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