Monday, February 27, 2017

Students activism...leading where?

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Students active participation in political or social activities be always welcome. It also can be expected that the students should form their own opinions, ideas and dreams about their own future to shape the country they want. This free atmosphere in university/college campus should prevail allowing the students to make their own minds without any outside deliberate influences.

However, it is always seen that the students are misused by the political parties for their own gain. “Catch them young” is a well-practiced slogan This creates the clones out of the students those become carrier of the thoughts those are not their own. Rather the thinking process of the students becomes conditioned, so much so that they many a times becomes martyrs of the ideologies.

Almost every political party has their own student organizations and try to attract the students in their fold. Once admitted the student lose his own identity and becomes an activist for the cause of the party. In this process, the original thinking process of the student is killed. Their freedom is lost forever. 

Leftist or rightist or others have deliberately run the factories to manufacture identical dolls out of the students. The outside political conflicts are vehemently, some times violently, fought in the university campus’. The present row between rightist ABVP and leftist SFS is an outcome of the sheer political game and students have fallen prey to it. Blaming any will yield no satisfactory outcome. Instead, we have to go to the root causes of it!

The sloganeering by the leftist is labeled as anti-national. Kanhaiya’s rise on political front was an outcome of that. First of all there is no proper definition, what anti-national is! First of all, RSS do not have any definition of the nation and nationalism.  Communists are bad but RSS too is equally bad when it comes to the nation and nationalism. Both are confused. The leftist youth, thinking they are rebellious touch the irrelevant and explosive subjects many a times causing unrest among the students of other folds.

The ABVP students think only they have right to define nationalism. They want to force their Vedic cultural nationalism on almost everything and whatever is written or spoken against is labeled as antinationalism. From where this thought process has penetrated is well known to all. The present government has boosted ABVP's ill-moral that too often triggers violence. 

Have students not their own thinking? Have students not any ability to develop and explore their own ideology that may shape future of the country of their own dreams?  Why students are afraid of thinking independently? Why they want to become pawns of the currunt politics instead of forcing it to change in the direction the future generations want? Have students lost their all originality?

In fact, university campus’ should be a major source of intellectual energy that can influence the societies across the country. However, we can see, opposite is happening. The students have become mere tools in the hands of outdated intellectualisms that have no ability to expand beyond and explore new horizons. No matter what ideaology is preffered by the student, why he should not act upon his own without allowing outsider forces to rule him?

Presently, all the student movements have become shallow, abusive and sometimes violent. Leftist or rightist, no exception. A kind of dictatorial mindsets are shaping which is not a good sign for the future of the nation. Hence spurting creativities of the youth are absent from all the campus’. Instead, we find anarchical thought processes at work leading to the chaos in intellectualism of India. 


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