Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Zionist terrorism

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Hitler was the blot on the humanity. Stalin too was no exception when it comes to the racial violence against Jews. The tormenting tortures that Jews had to suffer are a sad saga of human history. However, Germany and Russia were not only countries those were against the Jews. If we look back at the history, we can see the Jews have been engaged in constant strife with the others and also suffered humiliation and tortures since the inception of Jusaism across the European and Semitic countries.

Under Judaism, the Hebrew were united. Their expulsion from Egypt is said to be the main reason why Abraham formed a monotheist religion. The Old Testament provides various tenets of terrorism. rather it can be said that this is the first religion that sanctioned terrorism. The rise of terrorism amongst Jews was an outcome of their geopolitical conditions and a need to fight out powerful enemy tribes. They chose Yahweh as their supreme God from the existing pagan deities. The initial enmity between Egyptians and Jews took violent mode soon after the foundation of Judaism. Also, all the tribes that followed Paganism too became their enemies. Jews applied terrorism when they found that they cannot win their enemies on the battlefields. Suicide terrorism too was invented by Jews to assassinate powerful opponents. 

Israel, the holy land, according to the Old Testament, was gifted to the Jews by Yahweh. According to them, the first human race appearing on the earth was Jews, children of Adam. Rest of the human race was impure to them. Right from Hittite to Amorite tribes were inferior to the Jews and hence their temples were worth destroying. In fact, whatever we find in Quran and blame it for the destructive commands, the root can be traced back to the Old Testament. You may check, for instance, Deuteronomy 7 and 20 for such inhuman terrorist commands.

Suicide terrorism was invented by the Jews and recently too we find the suicide squad of LTTE was trained by the MOSSAD.

Israel never ever was the land of peace. Jesus Christ was a Jew and died as a Jew, but his reforms were unwelcomed by the Jews. Rather they chose to consent his crucifixion instead of robber called Barabbas. The land was attacked by Babylonians in 587 AD and the temple built by Solomon was destroyed. Right from the times of Alexander, Israel seldom enjoyed political freedom. The rise of Islam was another calamity to the Jews. We also know the era of crusades, where Muslim, Jews and Christians fought vehemently over the ownership of Jerusalem. The entire episode of the crusades is filled up with the bloodbath. The Jews dispersed across the globe for survival. The holy land slipped from their hands forcing them to live the life of banished.

Jew (and Israel) is only community that possesses the blind faith in their gifted holy land, race and the language. Wherever Jew might go in the world, their nation is only Israel. This is why Jews never ever could mingle with the other societies those sheltered them. The exiled people normally choose to trade and banking for life and the Jews were and yet are born experts in both. Hitler could direct attacks on the Jews because they were rich. Diverting the hatred of the pauper Germans towards them was easy for Hitler. Rather the Jews had become a despised community in the world. Not that the Jews were always at fault, but the lifestyle they chose was reasonably responsible for their being secluded and despised.

USA, after World War (II) chose to re-establish Israel. Till then the geopolitical and religious equations were drastically changed. In a way, Israel was forced on the Arab lands. However global sympathy was with the Jews after the horror stories of the brutalities exacted on them were out. Hence the initial protest was mild,. But Jews resorted to the terrorism even before the new Israel was established. On 2nd July 1946,  IRGUN assassinated 91 people in King David hotel attack. Then appeared Stern gang. Dere Yasin massacre took place on 9th April 1948 in which about 260 Arabs were brutally killed. Many more assaults were conducted by the Jew terrorist organizations and it was State-supported terrorism. In a way, Israel soon became a center of tension. In bold moves, Israel declared wars against many other surrounding countries, even claimed ownership over the Suez Canal.

Gaza strip is under encroachment of Israel. Palestine now is desperately trying to counter this encroachment.  It is geopolitical need of USA to keep Middle East burning and Israel has become their weapon in doing so. Hardcore nationalism of the Jews is worshiped in India by some sections, but let us not forget that this nationalism is an outcome of the racial pride and sheer vengeance. What Hitler or Stalin did is condemnable, but it doesn’t give sanction to the Zionist terrorism.

While blaming Muslim terrorism, in the Middle East, we cannot segregate the Jew terrorism. Both are the enemies of the global society and peace. Zionist terrorism has the ancient history, rather it was first religion to propagate terrorism. We have to consider all aspects of the terrorism before blaming one or other religion! The role of USA needs to be checked on this background.  

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