Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Towards the Nation of "mind-dead's"?

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BJP has been a gang of the people that wants the people of India should accept their definitions on culture and nationalism without raising any doubt. RSS, their mother organization has been recklessly and tirelessly pushing their Vedic thought under the disguise of “Hindutva” to amass innocent and ignorant Hindus those know not RSS’ true designs. Its numerous tentacles, BJP is one of them, have penetrated all walks of life and silently spreading their venom.

The roots of  RSS are in fascist ideology. Vedic Aryanism is the core of this blended fascism which got rooted in India after their endless efforts. They could succeed because they have taken the veil of the Hinduism. Innocent Hindus do not know what difference is between Vedicism and Hinduism. Vedic was always an independent religion. Its core fundamentals are different that stands upon the principles of the inequality. The Vedic supremacy over the masses had to be regained in democratic and awakening India. Vedic intrusion in Hindu religion was a successful mission that helped them to enjoy Vedic supremacy till the end of last millennium. In democratic India, they had to search for other means to maintain that. RSS was a natural output of those efforts.

Now, the efforts have proved successful beyond their imagination. Economic growth or no growth of the country, cultural supremacy has been their ultimate goal that we can notice from the increasing onslaught of forcing their ideas of culture and nationalism on the people. What culture they talk of? They talk of Vedic culture that always was narrow-minded, considering rest of the people their subordinates, boasting of false glories and creating fear in the minds of the opponents, false propaganda has always been their tool to achieve their goals. Twisting language to prove anything that is false true is their inimitable skill.

What they want? They are not for freedom to express. They are not for equality. They are not for the fraternity. Thus, they are not for the present constitution. They are poisoning social fabric of the nation in an order to make India of “mind-dead” people where no one is allowed to think independently and express freely.

The danger is not that economy is slowing down. Danger is not that the statistics are fabricated to make one feel good when it is not. Danger is, they are enveloping political scenario in such a fast pace that the democracy itself is in danger. People have started loving lies. People have started loving the misconceptive nationalism. The power hungry tenuous people are rushing to join hands with them. The social divide is managed in such a smart way that the people are left with no option but to vote for them. The ignorant fools of the opposition still are groping in the dark. Awestruck they are and not knowing why this sudden shift is taking place in Indian society. They too have become “Mind-Dead”.

This is what Vedicist always wanted and now it is happening. We have to stop from becoming “mind-dead” or we will too willfully become subordinate partners to their regime.

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