Friday, March 31, 2017

Contaminating the history?

Transfer of archaeologist from history-defining Sangam era site leads to uproar in Tamil Nadu

I came across news about the excavation of a Sangam era site, about 12 KM away from Madurai which shows the urban culture had flourished during that era. However, since the excavation began, the features of the civilization started surfacing, the transfers of the key archaeological officers and deliberate shortage of the funds the excavation could not progress as expected. The matter was raised in the parliament. Archaeological Survey of India has no convincing answer for the abrupt transfers of the 27 officers in middle of the crucial excavation.

 “….The criticism was also echoed by Kanimozhi, Rajya Sabha member of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. She said that evidence of an independent Tamil civilisation was getting systematically subverted.”, says the news report. 

Though I am no fan of DMK or Kanimojhi, what she says indicates to the indecent practices that ASI has adopted since the BJP government came into the power. We have seen that the December 2014 report of ASI that mentions the River Ghaggar as Sarasvati when it hasn’t been proven beyond doubt that the River Sarasvati ever flowed through India. The geological survey that has been conducted on the river bed of the Ghaggar has shown that it couldn’t have been Sarasvati that has been abundantly praised in the Rig Veda. Still, ASI blatantly renamed Ghaggar as Sarasvati, just to please the BJP government which has hell bent on rewriting Vedic History of India.

Recently, another controversy had popped up when the VC of Deccan College, Dr. Vasant Shinde, who is leading the excavation of the Rakhigadhi, had said that he wants to prove that the Rakhigadhi site is anterior to the oldest sites that are now situated in Pakistan and the people moved from India to Sind to build other Harappan cities. No excavation can be done with predetermined objective because the results then cannot be authentic and unbiased. However, a VC of an eminent archaeological college forgot that. How Indian academicians can become pawns of the dirty sectarian politics and shamelessly trample the basic principles of the business they are in! Whether oldest or not, the pre-determined speculation about Rakhigarhi came as a surprise in the world of archeologists. This creates a suspicion on the findings and meaning derived from them.

It has been old practice of the Indian archeologists that many turn to Vedicist (or saffron) camps when retired and rewrite the history that suits their sectarian approach. They even write contrary to what they had written in their papers while in the service. Dr. Madhukar Dhavalikar, BB Lal etc are also a fine example of this reckless practice. In all, they are determined to prove Ghaggar was ancient Sarasvati and that the earliest Indus site was in India and people moved westwards to build settlements. Also the claim includes that the westward movement of the Vedic Aryans spread Indo-European languages and culture till Europe. This is, no doubt, fantastic theory but with no supportive proofs. 

Vedic claim on Dravidian culture is not new. The Sangam literature proves that there was no entry of Vedic Aryans in the South till second century AD. Naturally, then it was impossible for Vedic scholars to stake claim on the Dravidian culture as its progenitors. Still, many have tried to credit Vedic Sanskrit as a basis of Dravidian languages. Many have tried to find Vedic elements in the burial practices of the Kings as mentioned in the Sangam literature. Up to what the Vedic stream is that they want to prove they fathered every culture that flourished in ancient India, thus denying past of the rest of the people, same way they have been constantly doing this by distorting the history in name of the history re-writing!

The 200 BC Sangam era site possibly has exposed material evidence that go contrary to the Vedic supremacist theory. They may impact significantly the known history of the Dravids. Uncomfortable with the findings, most possibly they are putting obstacles in the continuance of the excavation till they find a dishonest archeologist who can come forth with planted Vedic elements at the Keejhadi site, thus contaminating the history of the Dravids. This is not a good science. Let the proofs naturally surface and let the archaeologists derive the independent meaning out of them without any external influence or else people will start distrusting the archeological evidences as well.  

The government, no matter what ideology it belongs to, sould not interfere in the matter of science of the history and should be ready to accept whatever are the material evidences. Thus the fear of Kanimojhi is justified and the scholars of all branches should oppose in unison the attempts of the government (and ASI) to distort the history which never existed!


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The untold story of a woman who invited disasters upon her and incessantly suffered to save the humanity!

After the fierce battle at the mountain-head of Shri Lanka, Rawana finally collapsed as the arrow of Rama pierced in his chest. Knowing last moment has arrived; Rawana summoned Rama close to him and said, “Give my respects to mother Kaikeyi because now I am finally liberated. Thank her on my behalf!” and breathed his last.

Rama was perturbed over why should Rawana thank Kaikeyi when he never has met her in life?

Leaving behind the question for a while Rama returned to Ayodhya with Sita and his aides. Ayodhya was decorated to welcome him. The people were rejoicing his return after a long exile and great feats. He had saved mankind by killing an evil Rawana!

As Rama stepped down from the divine plane “Pushpaka”, his eyes searched for Kaikeyi. He didn’t find her anywhere in the royal family gathering which was shouting slogans in his respect.

Without glancing even at his mother Kausalya, he entered the royal palace and desperately searched for Kakeyi. Finally, he found her on the rooftop, alone and face saddened, though the eyes were gleaming with joy.

Kaikeyi heard the footsteps of Rama and trying to control her feelings glanced at Rama. Rama touched her feet and told her the last message of Rawana. He asked, “Why O mother should he thank you? He was my enemy and I killed him in the battlefield rescuing my wife. It is strange that he thanked you when I am not sure you ever had seen him in person!”

Kaikeyi let out a sigh and refused to talk on that issue. But Rama insisted. Kaikeyi said, “You are doing the same mistake my mother once did. But well, I am overburdened by the secret I have been keeping to myself for a long time. I am called merciless, cruel greedy woman and has been abused by one and all ever since you left for exile! Let me release my burden and end the curse of the life!” And she began to tell her story.


Kaikeyi was the daughter of mighty Ashvapati, king of Kekya state, situated beyond Gandhar. Ashvapati was a philosopher king. He owned the largest cavalry in the world. No enemy could ever dare him. He enjoyed his life in the company of his beautiful wife Devavati and daughter young Kaikeyi.

Ashvapati had a boon that he could understand bird’s language.The caveat was he should not reveal ever whatever he heard to anyone, else he will instantly die.

Once, in a beautiful evening, he was taking a stroll in the garden around the palace with Devavati. He overheard two swans conversing something in amusement that gave Ashvapati a hearty laugh. Curious Devavati pestered him to share with her what he heard. Ashvapati avoided but when he saw his wife is forcing him to divulge what could take his life for certain, he got angry. He thought his wife doesn’t care for his life. In the fit of anger, he banished her and daughter Kaikeyi from Kekaya state.

Devavati’s future suddenly had doomed. Her father too didn’t shelter her. As if all doors to destiny and solace suddenly had closed over her. She had to resort to find a shelter in a jungle, in Gandhar kingdom, near a village and do hard work to feed herself and young Kaikeyi.

Kaikeyi was a brave girl. She fought with the ruthless and cruel predators those would try to harm her mother. Soon she grew up and acquired fame as a great archer and charioteer. She even defeated the king of Gandhar in a chariot race and archery competition. The king fell in love with her but she refused to wed. She had seen her mother’s tragedy and had no intention to get engaged with any man. 

Devavati was now getting older and only desire had haunted her to express her repentance and seek forgiveness from Ashvapati before she dies. Though Kaikeyi had no any affection left for her father, she decided to fulfill mother’s wish. One fine day both left for Kekaya kingdom.

This was the time when King Dasharatha of Ayodhya had attacked Kekaya. The mighty Kekaya army was finding hard to stand before Dasharatha’s valor. In an attack, Kekay army got disintegrated and chose to flee helter-skelter. 

The scene was intolerable to Kaikeyi. She rushed to the battlefield, gathering fleeing army and to surprise of Dasharatha, she led retaliation in full vigor. Dasharatha was wonderstruck. He somehow managed to reinforce his army but Kaikeyi’s strategies worked so well in the battlefield that he had to come on an agreement for peace.

Ashvapati realized it was her exiled daughter who saved the country from defeat, though still he had resentment for Devavati. Kaikeyi was welcomed in the city with the grand celebration. She was offered the crown by her father but she humbly denied and requested her father to listen to her mother and forgive her.

Ashvapati did so. That moment Devavati was so overwhelmed she breathed her last in the laps of Ashvapati. It saddened him.

Here, Dasharatha had become crazy for Kaikeyi. He was mesmerized by her valor and archery skills. Her beauty had enchanted him. In the court of Ashvapati, he requested the hand of Kaikeyi. Ashvapati was delighted for who else could be the better match for her daughter in the whole world than Dasharatha? He gave his permission.

After Dasharatha and Kaikeyi’s wedding, in an evening, he met his daughter. He had lost all his interest in the life after Devavati’s death and all futile life. He shared his boon with his daughter knowing that the act was an invitation to instant death.  

King Ashvapati was no more. After few days, grief-stricken kaikeyi left for Ayodhya with Dasharatha, accompanied by a maid, a hunchback, Manthara. She knew not what destiny waited on her. She was fallen in the realm of uncertainty and gloom as they traveled. Dashratha tried every best to keep her pleased, but invain.


In Ayodhya, she established friendly relations with Dashratha’s other wives Kaushalya and Sumitra. The stories of her valor had already reached Ayodhya hence the people too highly respected her and sung her praises.

Soon, Dashratha had to join God Indra to wage a war against a cruel King Shambarasura. Dasharatha chose Kaikeyi as his charioteer. Kaikeyi accompanied him in the war. She too fought bravely against the demons. In a crucial moment, Dashratha’s chariot wheel got disengaged. Kaikeyi was thrown in the air as chariot lost balance. Dashratha seemed losing the battle. Kaikeyi instantly gathered herself and rushed to the chariot and desperately managed chariot wheel in place using her hand while fighting with the charging in enemy with other hand. Dasharatha could return the attack as he regained his balance and composure. kaikeyi got wounded in this effort but finally, Dasharatha won.

The same evening, victorious Dasharatha offered her two boons. Kaikeyi was about to refuse but she heard a bird saying, “save the boons for later times. Do not refuse them. You are going to need them in future!”

Kaikeyi followed the instructions and thanked Dashratha for the boons and said, “ I will ask what I want if the time comes. Let them be treasured with you…but do not forget to give if I ask for them!”


Soon after birth of Rama to Kausalya, Kaikeyi too gave birth to Bharata, and Sumitra to Laksman and Shatrughna.  Though Bharat was her son, she adored and loved Rama very much. Most of the time of Rama would be spent in the Kaikeyi’s palace.

Years passed. King Janaka of Videha declared Svayamvara of Sita. Who could be the better choice for Rama than unparalleled beauty Sita? Swayamvara involved a competition that whoever could wield a heavy bow and string it could marry Sita. The bow was presented to Janaka by Lord Shiva after a penance.

Rama was the only young man who could wield the bow but as he tried to string it the bow broke in two parts making thunderous sound that shook the earth and heaven.

The sound reached Lord Shiva who got enraged as he saw his bow was broken.  He cursed instantly, “The young man will die soon and disastrous calamities will befall his state.” His consort Parvati got worried over this instantaneous curse and tried to sooth Lord Shiva, begged mercy. Shiva was pacified soon and said, he cannot take back his curse but if he stays away from his state and kills cruel Rawana, he will be safe.  Rawana, my devotee, has become a curse to the earth! He must be killed, but I know this is an impossible feat. Young boy is destined to die!” Parvati wanted desperately to make this known to Rama, but Lord Shiva prohibited her to interfere. 

But, as it was destined, a swan returning from Man Sarovara overheard this conversation. Meanwhile, the marriage of ram-Sita had taken place. The young couple was too happy to get each other. They didn’t know what transpired in the abode of Lord Shiva!

The swan flew to Ayodhya. The divine swan knew the powers Kaikeyi possessed. Kaikeyi was too worried and terrified after listening to the Lord Shiva’s curse. Manthara came to her rescue. She reminded her of the boons that Dasharatha had offered her and asked to use them now as this was the only opportune time.

Kaikeyi knew she openly couldn’t give any reasoning for demanding the boons. She loved Rama so much, couldn’t even imagine any slightest harm done to him. Same time she had heard so many horrific stories of Rawana’s cruelty and injustice. He was certainly up to destroying the earth and mankind. She was in dilemma. But her resolve grew stronger as night passed by. In early morning she sent for Dashratha and reminded him of the boons he had offered her.

She demanded Rama’s exile for fourteen years and throne to her son Bharata. It justified as Kaikeyi posed as a selfish and cruel woman. Dasharatha couldn’t imagine any other secret reason behind these sudden demands. Dasharatha cursed her, abused her but she stood strong with her demands. Dasharatha had to concede with her. Knowing this Bharata too got very much angry with her. Rather, she all of sudden became an evil woman for all.

Rama and Sita left for exile, accompanied by Laxmana. At that moment the whole city was in anguish and angered towards Kaikeyi’s turpitude. Kaikeyi sat alone in the dark corners of her palace knowing now onwards she has to live life in the company of the hatred.

She knew very well that Bharata would never accept the throne. He couldn’t betray Rama. And Bharata too really rejected the throne, only moment of relief to her!

Another stroke of the destiny on her was, Dashratha died soon after Rama’s departure. The tragedy was, she was denied to see him in his last moments.  

Afterwards, she lived life like an ascetic, secluded and in the company of her own grief. She mutely took all abuses and resentments without uttering a word. She kept receiving the news on Rama’s movements, was very unhappy when she learned of Sita’s abduction, was worried and desperately praying when Rama was fighting with Wali and then Rawana!

Now Rama was back. Standing in front of her, both the hands folded and weeping incessantly for what his mother silently had suffered, for the cause of the universe and his life!

He touched her feet. The light grew…the whole earth started shining with the divine light. All surrounding seemed to be melting in that shine. The sky and earth seemed merging with each other.

She said as she was almost disappearing, “Rawana, a great devotee of Shiva, knew almost everything of this. He knew only if he gets killed by you, he will attain heaven after death…” Now she was almost disappeared but the sound of Kaikeyi was reverberating across the earth and heaven, “Rama, my boon was associated with a curse. As soon I reveal the truth, just like my father, I too was to die! But I am happy that my suffering has yielded a great divinity like you! The whole universe will sing ballads full of your praises. Let now universe call me a selfish and cruel mother…forever. I don’t care! Goodbye son!”

Monday, March 27, 2017

This is not the Hindu way!

It is well-documented fact that the Cow slaughter in fire sacrifices of the Vedic people was a normal routine. Even the Manusmriti upholds beef eating, though in later verses it limits it only to the ritualistic purposes.  Vedic people had to stop beef eating because of their over-dependence on the Hindu people who revered Cow and bull out of gratitude because of their immense usefulness in agriculture. This was done in mutual understanding so that the Vedics gradually stopped the animal sacrifices. There is not even a single instance to prove that Hindus ever applied violence or force against the Vedics for their cow sacrifices and beef consumption, rather peacefully they solved the issue. 

But now, RSS, the advocate of the Vedicism is taking reins of the Hindus in hand and threatening the people of consequences like killing or cutting limbs who disrespects or kills cows. Hindus have not given them any authority to represent them. People have not forgotten the case of Aklakh and other victims as yet which has become a blot on Hindu culture. It is known fact that many BJP workers are beef exporters and no one has objected to their commercial activity. It is a Vedic-mania that have made them insane at the cost of Hindu-defamation. 

RSS or its any wing have no right whatsoever to disrespect the laws of this country. They have no right whatsoever to disrespect Hindus who have been most tolerant and respect human freedom. RSS always have been anti-Hindu though it has been purportedly claiming that they are anti-Muslims. The fact is otherwise.

“I will break hands and legs of anyone who disrespects or kills cows: Muzaffarnagar riot accused BJP MLA Vikram Saini” -Has threatened very recently BJP MLA,  which is not only unconstitutional but a violation of the oath he took while he sworn in as a people's representative. Hindus have to be very alert from such Vedicist people those are trying to defame them constantly with such intolerant threats and actions. This is not the Hindu way. Adim Hindu Parishad condemns Mr. Saini for his inflammatory statement that can widen rift between Hindus and other societies. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Only Hindus can do it!

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The debacle of present political scenario is because the so-called seculars and progressives have failed to understand up to what RSS is and which religious doctrine they are representing under name of “Hindutva.” Most of the seculars hate the very idea of the religion. They hate being called Hindu and most of the time they spent on criticizing Hinduism. In fact, secularism is not at all about denying the religion, but they have created their own so-called intellectual cocoon that has blinded them towards the stark realities that country is facing.

BJP is winning almost everywhere. It is being portrayed as a victory of the Hinduism. To some extent, it may sound true. There are many other factors too that together have subdued the opponents, leaving them in the myriad of utter confusion.  

Besides all fundamental economic and social issues, religion too is an important factor in human life. Whether you like it or not, whether you are a secular or not, the society is always governed by the underlying religious sentiment than the materialistic surroundings. Misunderstanding, misconceptions and illusions possessed by the people is far more dangerous and presently Hindus are going through this phase.

RSS knew this. RSS always wanted a theocratic governance system. They have openly preached that. They knew very well what religion they are representing and what doctrine they want to popularize to enchant the people. The honeymoon period after the independence enjoyed values preached by Mahatma Gandhi and socialist pattern of Nehru, though both were rival thoughts. RSS tirelessly was making its way towards the goal by deliberate misinterpretation of the religion which was not understood by the so-called seculars of any time. The word “Hindutva” was coined by RSS and its allied wings with very thoughtful cunningness. They gave priorities to their Vedic principles while constructing their political and social philosophy. 

It is assumed that 85% of Indian population is Hindu. Still so, Hindu is only religion which has no clear definition. RSS never have attempted to define the religion it is preaching about. They have used some real and mostly imaginary threat of other religions, especially Islam to increase their strength. They have been rewriting the history and spreading it, even if it is full of the lies.  It all has been attacked by the seculars, but they never attempted to come out with true history. A very word “Hindu” has become as an abuse to them. But they have not tried at all to fathom the gravity of the issue. 

RSS never represented Hindus, though it is a common understanding. Let us have a look at what they are being targeted for:

1.      RSS applauds four-fold system first propagated in Rig Veda followed by all later Vedic scriptures.
2.      RSS believe Vedas are the main source of Hinduism.
3.      RSS believes that all the modern knowledge originates from Vedas.
4.      RSS believes in the Vedic Gurukula system.
5.      RSS highly glorifies the Vedic age. 
6.   RSS believes in the dictatorial theocratic state.
7.   RSS believes Sarasvati river flowed through India and that Vedic Aryans, who composed Vedas, were indigenous Aryans.
8.   RSS believes the fourfold Varna system is an ideal and scientific social order.
9.   Bringing Sanskrit and Vedic science in the curriculum has always been a top priority of RSS.  

There are many other points they propagate, but main focus always is on the Vedas and Vedic supremacy! Where does Hindu thought fit into this? 

It will become very clear that the Hinduism RSS is preaching is not at all Hindu, but it speaks all about Vedic religion and its superiority to dominate the non-Vedic masses. It indirectly shows that whatever was good in Indian society it was because Vedic people and others have no contribution in cultural developments whatsoever. Very few have understood that the Vedic religion is an independent religion having its own system and rituals. The Smritis too were written to regularize Vedic religion and was not binding on the Hindus. Most of the gods Hindus worship has no place in Vedicism, nor RSS ever speaks about them. 

All those, who have not been part of Vedic customs, rituals and all those who never had access to the Vedas are Hindu or Agamic to be specific. This distinction was very clear in India till medieval era. Those were Britishers who coined both the religions together under the single umbrella of “Hindu”. Those were Britishers those wrote Hindu laws based on Vedic codes though they were never meant for the Agamic or Hindu’s. There is not a single instance in the history that the Hindus anytime followed the Vedic codes.  The Vedic code prohibits Shudras from accumulating wealth, forget a chance of ever becoming a King. But we have hundreds of the proofs that so-called Shudras ruled India for millenniums, from the time when Vedic religion was yet to emerge. The confusion was created by the British rulers because of their ignorance about Hindu society. They assumed Smritis were ancient Hindu laws, where Brahmin was considered a supreme. They too constructed Indian history, recklessly using Vedic sources, those were full of manipulations, interpolations and mostly unhistorical.

RSS never tried to explore Hindu Agam shastras, rather avoided it deliberately, only because Hindus would awaken and separate if known what rich inheritance they owned.  Rather they tried to prove whatever good was in India that had Vedic origin. They deliberately tried to paint all Hindu great personalities in Vedic paint by sheer distortion. Even they misused archeology to create the false picture of the ancient civilization. People blindly believed it. The over glorification of Vedas came always to their help. They are even trying to claim authorship of the Indus civilization. They are committing cultural crimes one after other and are getting scot free because there hardly is any Hindu scholarship and if it is, is defamed or silently killed.

Damage it done was that the Hindu people never came across their honest history. They always saw their history through Vedic glasses. Thus Vedic history indirectly became their history because the proper distinction was never made. This history was not anywhere depicting their achievements, their contributions and their independent culture. This way they put the Hindus on inferior status when it was not the fact!  

RSS, since its inception, have tried to misuse this ignorance to their benefit. Under the title of “Hindutva” they, being most religious, gather under its umbrella. Hindu is an only community on the earth which has no independent knowledge of their religion. Though the distinction in real life too is very clear and obvious between their religion and Vedic religion, what misguides them is the term “Hindutva” deliberately used by the RSS.

But the fact is, RSS represents Vedic religion and strives for its supremacy by Vedicizing non-Vedics. While doing so they care very much that they are kept under the toe of Vedic supremacy.

Seculars and Progressives in India too did not analyze the religious history of India. Mostly, they too heavily depended on the Vedic sources, no matter how false and misleading they were. They never understood what actual threat RSS is posing. Religious Hindu never could understand the RSS is misusing them by distorting Hindu religious history.

RSS should not be feared because it will impose Hindu theocratic state! It should be feared by all the Hindus (minus Vedics) that they are being made the slaves of the Vedicism. It is essential for the Hindus to understand what exactly is their religion. Seculars of India too should understand the distinction in both the religions. Unless done so, they will never be able to combat the onslaught of dictatorial Vedicsim that is the foundation of RSS.

Hindus too should understand that what all the time it is being talked is Vedic religion and its superiority. Hindus are still inferior in their eyes, mere a pawn to be used to achieve their goals.

Hindus should stop at once being a pawn for any other religion!

Under the circumstances, seculars and all Hindus should relook at the religious history of India. They should understand their roots are in the Indus time civilization and they were founders of such a glorious era. Vedics are determined to stake the claim on it, thus depriving Hindus of their past. 

 The elements of the Vedicism are dangerous. Only Hindus can save India from the Vedic threat! Forming an independent organization to counter the onslaught of the Vedic doctrine under the disguise of "Hindutva" is an immediate necessity. RSS never ever was a Hindu organization. It always used Hindus to their benefit. Only Hindus can stop this by denying Vedic elements in their religion. 

To take initiative in this regards, we are forming "Adim Hindu Parishad" to spread message of true Hinduism and awaken the people about Vedic eoncroachment in their religion.

Come. let is unite!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time to repay the debt of the farmers!

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Loan waiver to the farmers is a hotly debated topic on political and social grounds. The fact cannot be denied that the farmers are (and always were) in pathetic conditions, not only due to the frequent natural calamities but manmade disasters too. Loan waiver to Uttar Pradesh farmers is declared by not UP leaders but Prime Minister. Modi’s dictatorial style of functioning is getting clear every day. In Maharashtra too it appears that even if Devendra Phadanavis is objecting to the demand of loan waiver, it is just to show that he will not succumb to the demands of the opposition, but he will do it in his own style when he feels he only can reap the political fruits. So, this issue is not being debated by the opposition or government because they have some concerns about the farmers, but are making the political issue out of farmer suicides.

First victim of socialism always is a farmer. Rest of the industry can manage their survival and progress by appropriating the authorities with bribes and cheating banks by manipulating their balance sheets. The condition of the farming segment is worst because it is controlled by the State with enforcing many laws. To do this the government has made a provision, refer schedule 9, no one can challenge these laws in the courts. Essential commodities Act, Land sealing act, land acquisition act are few examples those have crippled Indian agriculture. Like other industrial products, The farmer cannot sell his produce freely in the open market. Though producer, he has no control over the price. Under the circumstances, it is inevitable that the farming becomes a loss making enterprise. To woo the middle-class government interferes to maintain the prices low and affordable. But there is no sense in determining what is affordable.

Due to the land sealing act, farming land already is fragmented, making it non-viable venture. Maximum land holding too is restricted hence no modern farming technologies can be implemented to make it a successful venture. Hence no new investment can be expected in this large sector that can be boosted easily with squashing the anti-farming laws.

Narendra Modi is considered as a messiah by most of the people who, they believe, have guts enough to bring “acche din” to the majority Indians.  However, this is a euphoric sentiment without any touch of the reality. He is following all the political gimmicks those were consistently adopted by his predecessor governments. He may declare loan waiver soon to give last kick to the already crippled Indian economy. This waiver may take him on the pinnacle of the popularity. This is what always socialist mind sets want. They have nothing to do with the realities and willingness to go to the root of the problem and permanently cure it.  

Like previous governments, this too is a spineless government. It is thriving on the dreamy slogans and popular decisions. Loan waiver is not an option. But it becomes necessary because if farmers are debt-ridden it is because of the government acts and apathy towards any attempt for farming development. Under the circumstances, as long as they prevail, it becomes government’s (and peoples) duty to waive the loans, no matter what adverse impact it makes on the economy. You are not doing any favor because it is you who have made farmers life miserable. You have to repay this debt!

If Mr. Modi wants to show he is what he has been claiming, then he has to make all the anti-farming laws redundant with immediate effect. Unless and until this is done the only option the government is left with is give more subsidies, loan waivers, packages and all that can assist the farmer. Mr. Modi has choice. Let us hope he opt for right one that can free the farmers from the controls!