Monday, March 27, 2017

This is not the Hindu way!

It is well-documented fact that the Cow slaughter in fire sacrifices of the Vedic people was a normal routine. Even the Manusmriti upholds beef eating, though in later verses it limits it only to the ritualistic purposes.  Vedic people had to stop beef eating because of their over-dependence on the Hindu people who revered Cow and bull out of gratitude because of their immense usefulness in agriculture. This was done in mutual understanding so that the Vedics gradually stopped the animal sacrifices. There is not even a single instance to prove that Hindus ever applied violence or force against the Vedics for their cow sacrifices and beef consumption, rather peacefully they solved the issue. 

But now, RSS, the advocate of the Vedicism is taking reins of the Hindus in hand and threatening the people of consequences like killing or cutting limbs who disrespects or kills cows. Hindus have not given them any authority to represent them. People have not forgotten the case of Aklakh and other victims as yet which has become a blot on Hindu culture. It is known fact that many BJP workers are beef exporters and no one has objected to their commercial activity. It is a Vedic-mania that have made them insane at the cost of Hindu-defamation. 

RSS or its any wing have no right whatsoever to disrespect the laws of this country. They have no right whatsoever to disrespect Hindus who have been most tolerant and respect human freedom. RSS always have been anti-Hindu though it has been purportedly claiming that they are anti-Muslims. The fact is otherwise.

“I will break hands and legs of anyone who disrespects or kills cows: Muzaffarnagar riot accused BJP MLA Vikram Saini” -Has threatened very recently BJP MLA,  which is not only unconstitutional but a violation of the oath he took while he sworn in as a people's representative. Hindus have to be very alert from such Vedicist people those are trying to defame them constantly with such intolerant threats and actions. This is not the Hindu way. Adim Hindu Parishad condemns Mr. Saini for his inflammatory statement that can widen rift between Hindus and other societies. 

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