Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vedicist Kalyanraman and the Sarasvati!

Kalyanraman is the dumbest writer I ever came across. He believes that the Sarasvati River was one among Sapta Sindhu, i.e. seven rivers those flowed through northwestern India. He states that this region belonged to the Panchajana, five people, and that about 80% of the Indus civilisation sites are located on the banks of the Sarasvati river (which has been known to the Indians as Ghaggar since time unknown.) He has shifted complete geography of the River Sarasvati, highly revered by the Vedic Aryans, to stake a huge claim on the authorship of the Indus-Ghaggar civilisation. To do this he recklessly neglects geological proofs, geography appearing in the Rig Veda and makes out a theory that is flimsy and misguiding.

Geologically it has been proven beyond doubt that the Ghaggar River never ever had the glacial source. It also has been proven with new geochemical and geomorphological studies that Yamuna and Sutlej stopped flowing into the Ghaggar /Saraswati thousands of years before the Harappan civilisation. Ghaggar is fed from Shivaliks and not Himalayan glaciers. No Drushadvati river belongs to the Indian soil that is said to be a tributary to Vedic Sarasvati.

It is a fact that the River Ghaggar was a perennial river before 1800 BC because of the wetter monsoon. It also is a fact that there are over a thousand Indus-Ghaggar sites along the channel of old Ghaggar. But as the climate changed, gradually the Ghaggar shrunk and just became a seasonal river. Not only India but from Mesopotamia to China, a vast track suffered from this climatic change. However, though seasonal, Ghaggar was never a lost river. How come that the most revered river of the Vedics changed name from Sarasvati to Ghaggar? Vedic has no answer to this vital question.

“Since this work, no new data challenging these results has appeared. Scientists, as evidenced by this paper, appear to now accept that the Ghaggar was a monsoonal river right through the Holocene. This result has annoyed not only geologists who had proposed the glacial river theory but also supporters of the indigenous Aryan theory. They had used the glacial river theory to time the presence of the Vedic people in the plains of Haryana and Punjab before 2000 B.C.” States Sedimentary Geologist Suvrat Kher.

Linking the Ghaggar with the Rig Vedic Sarasvati is an insanity because the geography and the people they inhabited with does not match at all with the indigenous Aryan theory. There has surfaced no evidence that can link Ghaggar civilisation with the Vedic. There is no semblance in the residential patterns of the Vedics and Indus people. They didn’t know even the bricks and granaries. They didn’t know the great baths and brick-paved streets.

The Rig Veda nowhere mentions famous Kurukshetra through which the Saraswati is supposed to have flowed. Had the Ghaggar been the lost Saraswati and the Bharata clan of Sudasa ruled on the banks of most revered river Saraswati and in whose reign, the most sacred scriptures had been composed, one would expect his mention in Mahabharata. But it is not the case.
We are aware of the tribes frequently mentioned in the Rig Veda with which the Vedics had constant relations as friends or foes. Rig Veda mentions Turvasa, Pakhta, Bhalanasa, Parshu, Bhrigu etc are the tribes those were settled from northwest bordering regions of the Indian subcontinent to Phrygia. The geography of Avesta suggests it was close to the Vedic geography. The wars fought on Iranian plateau among them and Vedics find a place in both the scriptures, i.e. Avesta and Rig Veda. Both the religions possess so much so close affinity that without geographical closeness it is impossible to happen

Had they been in India while they composed Vedas, there would be ample mention of Ganges and Yamuna rivers because they were the rivers those flowed in close vicinity with the vast channels. The Yamuna had stopped flowing into the Ghaggar channel millenniums before the Indus cicivilisationAs rivers, Yamuna and Ganga, with few others find mention only once in Nadistuty Hymn, the creation of the later period, and nowhere else, we can clearly see that the Vedic Aryans came across these rivers in late era. Vedic Sarasvati, that flowed through the Afghanistan was lost to them by that time except for the wonderful memories of the bygone days.

Apart from the river Sarasvati, mostly mentioned river is Rasa which is equated with Avestan Ranha, now identified with the River Tigris. After Rasa there comes Sarayu which is alternatively called Haroyu or Hari-rud. The rivers Gomati (Gomal), Kubha (Kabul), Krumu (Kurram), Suvastu (Swat), Arjikiya (Haro) etc. are the rivers those flow from Afghanistan and its western regions. Many other rivers mentioned belongs to the western tributaries to the Indus. Lack of mention of the eastern rivers just suggests that the Vedic people never knew those regions. Had the composers of the Rig Veda were inhabitants of Ghaggar basin, there wouldn’t be frequent mention of such a far away rivers. Rather we would found the mentions of Ganga, Yamuna and other eastern rivers and its tributaries. But this is not the case!

Let us not forget that the nearest distance of the river Swat from Ghaggar is not less than 800 kilometres. All other rivers mentioned are beyond that location. Indus is the common synonym to the river in Vedic vocabulary, hence it always cannot be equated with the Indus river! So, Vedic being residents of the Ghaggar basin is a just imaginary hypothesis that doesn’t stand on the grounds of any proof.

So, no matter how Vedicist scholars want to twist the geological history of the Ghaggar River to make their point, no matter how back they want to stretch time of the Rig Veda, they simply cannot prove the composers of the Vedas were residents of the Ghaggar basin. Thus Kalyanraman and his colleagues want to prove unprovable, but alas, none of his statement gets support from either geological findings or Rig Veda! They now should no this is the end of the Vedicism!

-Sanjay Sonawani

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Myth of the 'Vedic Age'!

I wonder when I see all the time the Vedicist scholars of the modern day, even IIT'ans relate advanced mathematics and other sciences to the Vedic times. I wonder what Vedic times they speak about? Is there any historical proof that shows the particular era was the Vedic times? 

To call Vedic times it should be assumed that the Vedicism was spread almost in all parts of the country. We must then admit that the scholars of every branch were Vedics. There should be no hesitation in admitting to the facts if they are proven, at the least to some extent. 

But what facts tell us?

a. Vedas originated in ancient Iran around about 1500 BC.

b. Entry of the Vedic religion in this country was around about 1000 BC.

c. Mature Indus Civilisation's attested period is 2600 BC.

d. The Vedics sought the first refuge in the valley of Indus and then moved towards Kuru-Panchal and Videha region. Later they established in Magadha where they had to face tremendous resistance from Lokayats, Jainism and Buddhism. (6th Century BC) It took another four to six hundred years for the Vedics to come out of the setback and spread throughout the country by way of the conversions. It was a slow process. Hence till second century AD, Vedic religion remained in obscurity. 

e. Vedas and early Vedic literature in itself don't contain any science or scientific view. Their mathematical knowledge was rudimentary and limited to the construction of the fire altars.

f. We do not find the trace of any Vedic element, even the language, on the numismatic or inscriptions across the country beginning from sixth Century BS till First century AD. 

g. It is proven beyond doubt that the creation of the major three darshans, Upanishads and Agamic literature can not be linked with the Vedic tradition and some of them are anterior to Vedas.

iron artifacts

h. Long before Vedic entry in India, in 2000 BC, Indians already had invented the iron and were making implements from them including scientific devices like one that to draw the circle. (Refer to the excavations in Gangetic region)  Vedas did not know iron till they came in India. Indus civilization is known for it architectural advancements and manufacture of specialty goods and metal works. Without the scientific background, this is not possible. This does mean that the Indians were far advanced long before the Vedics entered Indian subcontinent. 

i. If at all there was any Vedic era that was during Gupta reign when the Vedic religion got royal patronage and a chance to spread their religion by polluting the history. But we still do not find any advancement in the science that can be termed as "Vedic". The tradition of the science of metallurgy, architecture, shipbuilding, textile etc. finds it advanced stage right from 2600 BC till later era which has nothing to do with the Vedic tradition. 

j. Few Vedic mathematicians indeed did emerge, like Aryabhata, Varahmihira etc. who substantially contributed to the mathematics but the ground already was prepared by the Hindus i.e. the people following traditional non-Vedic religion.  

k. None of the reputed and revered Vedic god ever reached to the high esteem in India. This clearly indicates that the Vedic age is a carefully nourished myth. 

Hence, the objection is referring to the Vedic age when it was nonexistent prior to second century AD. Later also, though the Vedics gradually became socially dominant because of the converts and royal patronages, still 85% of the Hindu populace kept on following their own religion and ritualistic practices. Vedics could not extinguish the Hindu religion though they hated it. Till this date, Hindus are adhering to their own religion though they have psychologically accepted the Vedic supremacy! The constant propaganda about the sanctity of the Vedas and fire sacrifices helped them penetrate the psyche of the general masses. However, there is no reason to believe ever there was era Vedic era and that the all scientific advancements belong to them! 

India had achieved monumental advancement millenniums before the Vedic religion was founded! They came to India as refugees, not as the conqueror. The foreign dynasties like Kushans even do not acknowledge their existence! You may refer to the Rabtak inscription of Kanishka to know this very fact. Is there any physical proof that can substantiate their claim of the Vedic Age? 

But they have a web of speakers. They have a bunch of the intellectual goons that so faithfully distort the history and proofs to misguide and misinform the Hindus so that the illusion of the Vedic supremacy remains unshaken even in the modern era.  

The tragedy is Hindus do not much take interest in the cultural and religious history for their strife for survival and fighting with the odds. They are the majority and yet intellectually influenced by the alien religion because of the constant Vedic propaganda and apathy towards the schemes those Vedics have been designing all the time to ensure their reign over them. 

There was nothing as called as Vedic science. To term any science as Vedic you need to prove that the unbroken tradition of all the branches of old science were introduced, commanded and practiced by them for the benefit of the intellectual paupers! There is not a single instance to prove that! Still, they brag on every platform about "Vedic achievements" and "Glory of the Vedic forefathers!". Yes, there were some extraordinary intellectuals among them also, but they were not originators of any. Most of the later Vedic philosophy is a reaction to the Hindu philosophy! 

The history evidences how they hijacked even the local deities like Vitthala and Tirupati. Attempts to hijack Shiva and Shakti are ancient and yet we find their antagonism towards both the major deities of the Hindu religion. Examples are many. They hijacked deities, philosophy and the cultural ethos of the Hindus making them inferior before them when they were not! This is time to stop all these practices and abandon the psychological burden that is created by the Vedics for their selfish motives.

-Sanjay Sonawani

Vedics are not Hindus!

We the Hindus are not revivalists. RSS' constant Vedicist propaganda and lies about "Vedics knew all" has defamed Hindus across the world because of the subterfuge claims and that too by misusing the name "Hindu". RSS do not propagate Hinduism. It is a Vedicist organization by core and principles. Veil of the Hindu identity is taken just to promote the Vedic ideology.   

We, the Hindus, believe that India was advanced in many branches of the science even before the Vedic entry in India, continued to enjoy fruits of the technological advances till recently, but we do not think it is a reason to boast. We have due reverence towards our forefathers who has sailed us up to here through the good and bad times. Every civilization of the past was advanced in some or other technologies. Egyptians had the technology to build massive Pyramids, which remains unparallel with others. We respect all the civilizations on the equal footings for their ingenious advancements.

RSS and the allied scholars think otherwise. Golvalkar says in his key book ‘We or Our Nationhood Defined” that Hindusthan (India) was a land of plenty with advanced science, cultivation, industries, and a culture “which made every individual a noble specimen of humanity, truth and generosity, under the divine influence of which, not one of the hundreds of millions of the people, ever told a lie or stole or indulged in any moral aberration” (p 46). 

Of course, this is a lie. To revive Vedicism telling false glories of the past is a dirty business of the RSS people. The cultural heritage RSS scholars speak about is always connected with the Vedics. This is why the stories are kept on floating about the Vedic science, Vedic mathematics, Vedic surgery and all. By misinterpreting archaeological and scriptural data, they want to prove that the Indus civilization was authored by Vedic Aryans! So when they say "Hindutva" it essentially means "Vedicism", not else. 

So in words, they call themselves "Hindu" and yet they want to credit everything to Vedic origin. This is nothing but a cultural fraud. They are trying to claim almost everything which remotely cannot be associated with the Vedic tradition. They keep on boasting the non-existent achievements of the Vedics. There never existed Vedic age in India! There is no proof to indicate that right from 1500 BC till 600 BC ever existed Vedic age! Not even a single excavated or numismatic evidence points out at such hypothetical age in India. 

It was Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who, seeking to reform Hindu religion and Hindu society first propounded the idea of a Vedic Golden Age and asked Hindus to ‘return to the Vedas’ This concept was later persuaded by Savarkar and Golwalkar gave it finishing touches. In short, to the so-called Hindu revivalists, Vedic age was the Golden age! Hindus nowhere were counted because to them they were subjugated savages by the mighty Aryans! Now, they promote indigenous Aryan theory, however, the supremacist view is not abandoned. 

“Vastu Shastra has its beginnings in Rig Veda and is scientific in its tenor. Today, the whole world is looking at green living, thanks to the way we are suffering due to erratic concretisation. The concept of Vastu revolves around the healthy relationship of nature and infrastructure, hence its modern relevance,” Joy Sen, IIT Kharagpur faculty member of the institute was quoted by Times of India.(17th April 2017) on the backdrop of the announcement of the introduction of Vastushastra classes in Architecture! 

Can't you see the pattern? The most superstitial things, those too not remotely related with the Vedas in any way, are being introduced in the curriculum. This is Vedic insanity! It is sheer ignorance marred with the Vedic supremacist thought. How can we the Hindus accept it?

This way, on fraud, they want to establish the nationalism that dreams of imposing the fourfold social order of the Vedics on the Hindus. The ulterior dream is so dangerous, not only for the other minor religions but majority Hindu population. Vedic is a different religion. It has nothing in common with Hinduism. Both traditions are distinct in every respect. The division was always in place and recognized.  Their calling themselves "Hindu" in itself is an example of their deceitful nature. 

Hindu's should understand the Vedic schemes. They are not for Hindus but Vedics. They want to revive Vedicism. With all due respect to the Vedic religion, better is Hindus stay away from the Vedicists!

-Sanjay Sonawani

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Vedic priests in Hindu temples?

Who are Vedics? Vedic just is another religion amongst others. It is independent of all other religions philosophically having no relation with the other religions. It has been proved on all grounds that the Hindu idolatrous tradition has been anterior to all other religious traditions of India which still remains practically dominant in the country. The Vedicism, based on four Vedas and various Smritis, having its own ritualistic structure is an independent religion. There is no common factor including philosophy that anyway can even remotely connect both the religions.

They now have become priests of many Hindu temples creating false myths and incorporating Purushasukta in the prayers. Common Hindu do not know this that the Purushsukta itself is not Hindu! Just for the sake of survival in supremacist order is their serious psychological problem and blasphemy which has proved to be a serious threat to Hindu religion! In fact, no prayer is correct that is made through the Vedic priests, no matter what religious occasion is! It is grand cheating of the religious Hindus as the prayers are not directed to their gods but Vedic gods! In no religion such kind of deceit has been played! They remain Vedic throughout! They perform all their rites by Vedic methods in their own social and personal life. How can they be appointed then the priests of the Hindu temples? How long Hindus want to remain ignorant not to understand the simple things? Can they not just pray their own god in own words and style? Wouldn't it be better if they really have faith in their own gods? How they can allow Rudrabhishek on Shiva when Rudra is an alien god to Shiva?

Then why they shy away from calling them Vedics as a separate independent religion? Why do they want to hide their self in disguise of Hinduism? Why they get angry, terrified or agonized when told that they belong to the different religion and that they are committing blasphemy by calling themselves Hindu?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ramayana-Mahabharata happened long before Vedic entry!

Hindu religion has been hijacked by the Vedics and using it as a tool in pushing forth Vedic policies. Ignorant Hindus know not that what they are being told is not part of their religion at all. Ram was never Kshatriya. He was never a pupil of any Vedic sage. He did now save fire sacrifices from the destruction at the hands of Asuras.  It couldn’t be because the time line does not match at all. There is no possibility whatsoever that at the time of Ramayana Vedics had stepped in the Indian subcontinent. To reach to the Gangetic regions to preach their religion they took another couple of hundred years. The Vedic elements and personalities we find today in Valmiki Ramayana is nothing but criminal interpolation!

The same applies to Mahabharata. The Mahabharata shows the social structure that prevailed in the Kuru-Panchal region which nowhere matches with the Vedic social doctrine. The human relationships are contrary to what appears in the Vedic literature and Smritis. It is agreed by the scholars that Mahabharata story took place after Ramayana. Whether it really happened or is an imaginary story, still the original social structure that forms the background of Mahabharata couldn’t have been imaginary. No Vedic element fits into the social picture. Though the later editions are heavily interpolated with the Vedic stories and praises of Vedas and all, they fall apart as we go carefully through the social structure that undeniably is non-Vedic. To make it sound somehow Vedic, explanatory stories have been concocted and inserted recklessly. For example, there are five different stories to explain marriage of Draupadi with five brothers! There are explanatory stories of the birth of Bhishma, Drona, Vyasa and even Pandavas! 

The social practice of those times itself shows a transitory phase of Indian society of remote past. Vedic ancient literature is completely devoid of any story that can remotely equal this. This indicates that Mahabharat too had taken place long before Vedic entry in Kuru-Panchal region. There couldn’t be fourfold Varna system then. Rama or Krishna couldn’t have been Kshatriyas as claimed! 

Vedics used famous local stories to promote their religion by incorporating Vedic elements, annexing old Vedic mythologies those never belonged to this soil. The history of India is thus have been heavily corrupted by the Vedics to psychologically subjugate the Hindus by stealing their heritage. 

Adim Hindu Parishad aims to expose the Vedic designs by letting Hindus know what they were and how the Vedics have culturally looted them! Vedic is an alien religion to Hindus that one must understand. Remove the infiltrated Vedic elements from any ancient literature and you will get the clear picture of your culture!

-Sanjay Sonawani