Monday, June 26, 2017

Inhuman act!


The shame too would now be ashamed with the dastardly inhuman acts committed by the insane mob on a local train in Haryana. 17-year-old Hafiz Junaid was stabbed to death on the accusation that he was carrying beef in his bag! Prior to that Junaid and his relatives, those he accompanied were taunted of being anti-national and beef eaters, their caps were thrown away and beards grabbed. 

Akhlakh to Junaid is a heinous journey that this Modi government has coursed. Anti-Muslim sentiments are being infuriated purposely. RSS has been doing the same for decades and now they have their government to make any laws and turn the ordinary people to the beastly mob. Their Vedic ideology loaded with fascism, propagated by Golvalkar Guruji and others are being brought in the practice that makes the Muslims secondary citizens and if possible kill them under any pretext. This is happening. The ordinary people who do not understand what they are doing are falling to the evilous minds.

Everybody knows that the once Vedics were beef eaters. They performed cow sacrifices named Gomedh, Shulagava etc. and ate the beef in sacred sacrifices. The beef was not only in their diet but was a ceremonious food to be served to the honorable guests. No matter they deny this now by forcibly deriving misinterpreted meanings, but the facts cannot be overlooked. It is not the problem that once they eat beef, the problem is they are making the issue of Cow and beef a fanatic issue to the level that the humanity shall ashamed.

Junaid was just a kid. Now the arrested accused states that he was under influence. We do not know whether here exists any justice or not. The social fabric of India has been torn apart. The ghosts of Vedic fanatism are haunting us. They are not Hindu. They have Vedic religion but mischievously are using the term Hindu to rule over Hindus too! RSS was never a Hindu organization. All that RSS always preached is all about Vedas and greatness of the Smritis and their dictated social order of inequality. After Muslims, their target will be Hindus. Hindus are not understanding it very well. They should! They must study what disastrous ideology they have been preaching and now bringing to the practice!

Hindus had nothing to do with the Vedas. They never read them or were allowed even to listen. The simple thing is they never belonged to the Vedic religion.

The cruelty that fills human mind to act insane is the product of the ideology that is dangerous to the human being. A kid couldn’t have been even touched, false accusations wouldn’t have been thrown, and first of all the Gomata wouldn’t have been made sacred over human life! No laws can enforce what to eat and what not. This simply is theocratic dictatorial governance. The insane mobs are bound to act inhuman when the sentiment is infuriated. The situation demands serious introspection by the political heads of the country. Where they are leading the country? Why should the anti-democrats influence the democracy? The frustration that Junaid's killing has brought is immense. We are drowning in an ocean of inhuman surrounding. Alas! 

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