Friday, June 16, 2017

Vedic fanaticism on rise!

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The irony is the people who do not know Hindu religion, its heritage, and cultural ethos are asking for “Hindu Rashtra”! These same Vedicised people see obscenity in the sculptures of Khajuraho.  These are the same people who do not understand even the meaning of secularism but want it to be removed from the preamble of the constitution! These are the same people who thrash or kill the innocents on the issue of the cows who once upon a time consumed beef as a religious routine! It clearly indicates that the Vedic community now under the disguise of the Hindu religion is up to destroying Hindu religion itself!

In Hindu tradition, sex is considered to be the most sacred act. Female sexual organs are worshiped since millenniums throughout the country. Lord Shiva is the highest worshiped God by Hindus in his phallic form in his eternal union with Devi. Shivalinga has been a symbol of the creation of the universe. Hindu Dharmashastras (Tantras) elaborates sanctity of the sexual act. Male-female equality has been the base of the Hindu philosophy. “Kamshastra” of Vatsyayana is a first scientific treaty in the world that deals with the healthy sex and love. None had thought that erotic or obscene text except these Vedic morons. They want to ban the sale of the book in Khajuraho complex!

Khajuraho is Shiva temple! Many artistic sculptures, depicting sexual activities, marvel the spectators coming from all over the world. It is a World Heritage site that shows what a freedom Indians enjoyed when Vedicism had not infected the Hindus. “Vasantotsava” (spring festival) used to be celebrated by the youngsters together and many love affairs and marriages would emerge from it. It was the Hindu tradition nourished by the Hindus that always exploded with full vigor of liveliness. They have been true seculars! 

Being secular is the soul of the Hindu society.

 These Vedic morons know not what being secular is! Secularism is related with the freedom of material and spiritual life of the people. It has nothing to do with the religion.

Vedic religion is restrictive. It tries to bind human life in the strict commands of their Smritis. Women are deprived of their freedom. They are deprived of sensuous joy. They want males too should be abided by the inhuman religious commands. They want society be divided. . It doesn’t understand the meaning of the human liberty! The dictatorship of religion over the State (King) is commanded in every Smriti. The kind of State Vedic religion seeks is dangerous to the human society.

Now, bolstered by their political victory, the fanatic outfits are gathering to demand “Hindu Rashtra”! No. It is not the Hindu Rashtra they want! They want “Vedic Rashtra” where religion will be supreme over the State. Golvalkar Guruji had sown the seed of this Vedic concept in which other religions have no place! Using term Hindu is a fraud! Hindus should be aware of this and should see independently their own religious heritage and traditions! They should not fall prey to their ulterior schemes. No…do not get deceived by the word ‘Hindu’. They are not Hindus!

They will again enslave you by their art of deception! 

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  1. Sanatana Dharma is a way of life which is all-embracing, humane and based on scientific temper, reasoning and containing high spiritual values. People all over the world following different faiths like Christianity, Islam and Judaism and also atheists and agnostics can adapt Sanatana Dharma which preaches Universal Brotherhood.